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Back 2014_06_09_eclesSiete alumnos de las Facultades Eclesiásticas fueron investidos doctores

Seven students of the Schools Ecclesiastics were invested with doctorates.

The event took place at the classroom Magna del Central Building

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José María Chiclana greets the President of the University of Navarra, once he has been awarded the doctorate cap at Canon Law. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
09/06/14 09:18 Fina Trèmols

Seven students from five different countries were invested with doctorates from the University of Navarra on June 6. The ceremony took place at the classroom Magna of Central Building.

"With the doctorate, the University gives you submission the highest Degree that it can grant. It includes you among the issue of its doctors, not by degree scroll of honor, but of merit. With the investiture, you also receive a degree scroll of responsibility, because in some way you become part of the group of teachers and you assume the commitment to transmit what you have learned to the young students who each year fill the university classrooms", said President Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, at the investiture ceremony of the 152 new doctors of the University of Navarra; seven of them come from the Ecclesiastical Schools :

School Theology
  • René Alejandro Adrianséns Terrones (Mexico). thesis Spiritual direction in Spanish spirituality magazines".       

  • José María Esteban Cruzado (Spain). thesis The Christian virginity in Cyprian of Carthage".

  • Both read their thesis during the 2012-13 academic year.   

  • Joaquín Huarte Muniesa (Spain; currently residing in Switzerland). thesis The dignity of the preimplantation human embryo. History of a theological-scientific discussion ". This thesis will be published in full shortly.                 

  • Abel Villarrojo Solano (Philippines) who had read his thesis the day before: "The Mysteries of the Life of Christ in J.H. Newman".

  • Mauricio Augusto SoubhIa (Brazil). thesis The moral approach of Stanley Hauerwas and his theory of virtues".                                                      

School Canon Law
  • José María Chiclana Actis (Spain). thesis The Apostolic Constitution "Anglicanorum coelibus". The personal ordinariates for faithful coming from Anglicanism".

School Ecclesiastical Philosophy
  • Juan José Salinas (Argentina). thesis The knowledge in McDowell. Quietism, intentionality and truth in mind and world".