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5 tips, 5 qualities and 5 strengths to achieve a employment

Carlos Jambrina, director of Human Resources of the multinational 3M, participates in the day of the employment of health sciences at the University.

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Job Day Unav
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
09/11/17 19:29 Laura Juampérez

In the opinion of Carlos Jambrina, HRBP of Business and Manager of training, Selection and development of the multinational 3M, to be successful in a selection process it is necessary to sustain the interview of work in patience, optimism and qualification. This was stated by the Human Resources expert during the employment day, held at the Schools of Sciences and Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra.

The annual event -which this year has taken as its name the hastagh #jobdayunav- has gathered in the academic center 11 companies and 3 official schools in a workshop in which 270 students have participated. For them, round tables, company presentations, a networking space between companies and students, a workshop on how to interview work -at position of Oniria Consulting- and a selection process On Campus, in which the multinationals Idifarma and Cinfa have selected "in situ" two people for start-up scholarships.

As detailed by the executive at meeting, applicants for a work space in his business must: be consistent in their story - "It doesn't matter if you have been in many companies or just one, but how you tell the story behind your curriculum"-; be authentic - "Today there is a lot of information about how to face a selection process, hence some people do not show themselves as they are, but how they think the business expects them to be"; differentiate themselves - " What makes me different? That's the most important question to ask yourself before an interview"; show optimism - "If you start a selection process, you have to pull out all the stops. We often meet people who are reluctant to step out of their comfort zone"; and be transparent - "Integrity and transparency is also vital for us, as we want the selection process to be a learning experience for candidates".

"Millennials are looking for constant challenges."

Regarding the skills they value most in their future employees, the 3M manager points out multicultural mentality - "knowing languages and having experience abroad are key"-; digitalization - "knowing how to handle new technologies and being used to doing so, no matter where you work department you work. These tools give access to a new world of data that have to be interpreted to deduce strategies and add value to processes"; having resilience and versatility - "markets change every minute, so we are looking for employees who take the reins of their degree program and work on their own development, without waiting to be proposed by business"; be agents of change - we want competitive, prepared and visionary leaders, who understand their environment well and generate impact and commitment"; and creative - "Professionals who are stimulating, imaginative and intuitive".

In the case of millennials (young people born between 1980 and 2000), the guest speaker at the employment forum of the University of Navarra's health sciences area highlighted 5 qualities of these generations: "Millennials adapt quickly to the environment, constantly seek challenges, are more critical, work very well in teams and are versatile, although they also fall more easily into frustration," warned the executive.

5 interview tips from work:

- Coherence in the story

- Authenticity

- Differentiation

- Optimism

- Transparency

5 skills in today's workplace

- Multicultural mentality

- Digitization

- Resilience and versatility

- Agents of change

- Creativity


5 strengths of the millennial generation (born after 2000)

- Rapid adaptation to the environment

- Constant challenges

- Criticism

- work as a team

- Versatility