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meeting of the president, María Iraburu, with the alumni of New York.

The alumni were able to learn about the University's Strategy 2025 and the projects that are being promoted for the coming years.

FotoAlumniNew York/Los alumni with president, María Iraburu (center)

09 | 12 | 2022

On Saturday, December 3, president, María Iraburu, held a meeting with alumni in New York. The event took place at IESE Business School's headquarters in the city, and was attended by more than 30 alumni from the different Schools of the University. 

The president, after being introduced by the president of the board Alumni New York Gregory Geba (MED'84), shared with the attendees the different projects of the University as well as the Strategy 2025: "these projects are to contribute to the resolution of the challenges facing society by betting on the sustainable development , the care of people and the environment". Among the projects, he highlighted the one BIOMA Center which "will serve as a vehicle for sustainable development in alliance with various companies at international level''. Finally, he made reference letter to the spirit of research so characteristic of the University and to the role played by research as an agent of change.

Also, the president announced an initiative for the 75th anniversary of the University to be celebrated in 2027: to get another 75 perpetual scholarships from the endowment. As is well known, the University has as goal that no excellent student who wants to study at the University should fail to do so due to lack of financial resources.

At the end of her speech, the president was able to exchange impressions with alumni who participated in the event. 

How do perpetual grants work?

The endowment endowment of the University of Navarra is composed of a generic endowment and a number of other endowments. Perpetual scholarships are those funds that its donors have wished to allocate to the Program at Alumni Scholarships. These donations are of the amount necessary to distribute each year, in fulfillment of its purposes, the amount equivalent to the cost of one scholarship average . In addition, it capitalizes a portion of the income it generates to maintain the purchasing power of the fund and thus contribute annually to the Alumni Scholarships Program.

The amount needed to endow the modified fund is estimated at €200,000. In this way, each year, it will be possible to finance a permanent alumni scholarship and perpetuate the report of the people who have given their name to this scholarship.