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"The MDGFI allowed me to acquire a solid theoretical foundation-internship for my future professional degree program "

/Kilian Ramírez, at GSK headquarters.

10 | 02 | 2023

"When you start at a business of this caliber, you realize that you are at the beginning of a long learning period in which the knowledge acquired in the previous training starts to be used from minute one". Kilian Ramirez studied Pharmacy at the University of Granada and, after completing the Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pamplona, he is currently doing a paid internship at the GSK plant in Aranda de Duero.

"At Master's Degree I saw the opportunity to acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge from experienced professors and speakers from the pharmaceutical industry that would allow me to establish a solid foundation for what would be my future professional degree program ," she says. 

From the beginning, both Kilian and his colleagues were involved in the production, quality control and quality assurance of drugs and medical devices manufactured in the pilot plant and intended for the patients of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. "We also developed from scratch a dosage form that met certain requirements quality standards, in my case, being manager of the manufacture of famotidine 40 mg gastro-retentive tablets. All this allowed us to experiment in an environment similar to that of our future job, where we have to make decisions, look for innovative solutions and work as a team to achieve a common goal : to produce a quality drug."

Once she finished training at the University, she joined department Quality Assurance at area Documentation and Data Integrity, in charge of elaborating the methods and specifications of all the raw materials and products that are manufactured and conditioned at GSK Aranda, ensuring compliance with pharmacopoeias as well as the current rules and regulations . "In addition, I have the opportunity to collaborate with new innovation projects that are being implemented in the factory, reporting to director Human Resources and Innovation. This has allowed me to organize projects with different areas, learn about the operation of different Departments and acquire new technological knowledge that I apply in my day-to-day work," Kilian relates. 

"I feel fortunate to start my degree program in a period when there is a great demand for new professionals to bring fresh air and get involved in the transition periods that are taking place. In the case of GSK, it is launching a new logo and declaring itself as business pharmaceutical company focused on innovation and patient health".