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The University joins the E-TIC program promoted by the Diario de Navarra Foundation that addresses the digital Education from childhood.

E-TIC under the name "For a more humanized digital world", is the educational initiative promoted by Fundación Diario de Navarra (FDN), to provide tools for children from 6 to 12 years old to learn to cope in the digital world and the media influence in an ethical, balanced, with values and criteria.

10 | 05 | 2023

The Fundación Diario de Navarra (FDN) and the University of Navarra have signed an agreement agreement of partnership to work on the E-TIC Program. Under the name "For a more humanized digital world", this initiative promoted by the FDN aims to provide from childhood the necessary tools and skills to learn to cope in the digital world. The program works in a triple aspect in which families, centers and student body learn together and acquire good, safe and responsible habits. For its part, the University joins the project and will develop a study of assessment and monitoring of the effectiveness and / or impact of the program educational in schools attached to it and validate that the E-ICT methodology has been successfully implemented.

The agreement of partnership was signed by the dean of the School of Education and PsychologyConcepción Naval and by the president of the Diario de Navarra FoundationLuis Colina.

During the signature of agreement, the president of FDN said, "we are very pleased to be able to work with the University of Navarra in this project so important to us and to have their experience and expertise to evaluate the effects of the program and measure the impact of its implementation in participating schools".

For his part, Naval stressed the importance of digital and media Education in the field educational and expressed his commitment to continue collaborating with FDN in this field, "this agreement means a step forward in media literacy from the point of view of student, academic staff and families. We have been working on this for some time now at IESE. IESEthe School Communication and the School of Education and Psychology".

The E-TIC Program is an example of FDN's commitment to Education and training for boys and girls. Thanks to this initiative, responsible and conscious digital citizens are being formed, capable of using technologies in a positive, creative and discerning way,

E-TIC is a pioneer project in Spain in line with the recent Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles presented by the EU that advocates a safe, secure and sustainable digital transformation and takes into account the values and fundamental rights of EU citizens.

About E-TIC

This Program is specifically developed by professionals of the double Degree of Pedagogy and Early Childhood Teaching who have been in charge of development of the contents as well as of design of the strategy of project and of the process of delivering the sessions in the classrooms of the schools with the essential participation in the centers of academic staff. E-TIC is designed to educate children between 6 and 12 years old and focuses on setting the instructions and offering them tools to learn how to manage in the digital world in an ethical and balanced way, with values and criteria, among other aspects. 

E-TIC is currently in its pilot phase at test with five schools in Navarra: Sagrado Corazón, Santísimo Sacramento, Santa Catalina Labouré, Liceo Monjardín and high school FEC Vedruna. The Program expects a total of 15 more schools to join the initiative by 2024.

The program is taught physically in schools over six annual sessions with participatory dynamics and games, so that children learn certain concepts in a playful way and acquire the necessary skills to face the challenges of the digital world manager. This work continues at home where they have a digital E-TIC platform to carry out the rest of the activities and games always accompanied and with the participation of the whole family. The goal is to strengthen continuous learning both at the center educational and at home.

Schools and families interested in registering or receiving more information about E-TIC can visit their website at website.