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The School of Education and Psychology launches its web site

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Detail of the logo of the new School. PHOTO: Courtesy
10/06/14 16:12 Alberto Bonilla

The new School of Education and Psychologyrecently inaugurated, already has a web page that will serve as a point of meeting for all the information, formalities and procedures for the more than 600 members that make it up.

Offer professor, internships, research, information for internationals, events and news will be concentrated in this new virtual space that aims to serve as source of information and dialogue for all those interested in issues of Education and psychology.

The social media profiles of School were also inaugurated, as is the case of @edupsicoUNAV on Twitter and group in the social network of employment Linkedin.

The new School has as mission statement the Education and training of those who will shape the future, inspired by the ideals that the University of Navarra wants to transmit: to educate in the critical capacity, which allows everyone to freely form their own opinions and convictions in a climate of pluralism and search for truth.

During the last 40 years, first as department of Education and now as School of Education and Psychology, many families have placed their trust in this center for the university Education of their children. Today, as a result of that trust, the programs of study of Pedagogy, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and, since the 2014-2015 academic year, also the Degree in Psychology, are included in a new School that was born with the same desire of social service and contribution to society.

In addition to the programs of study de DegreeSchool offers two programs Master's Degree: "Master's Degree University Officer in academic staff" y "Master's Degree Official in Educational and Psychological Intervention". As a complement to these programs Master's Degree, there is the Program of doctorate at Education.