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visit of the directors of international high school diploma International to the School

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
10/06/14 08:54 Alberto Bonilla

The directors of centers of high school diploma International have visited the School Education and Psychology to carry out a workshop of work. In this meeting, points of improvement for students taking the program were studied, as well as the possibility of establishing internship agreements to favor the completion of the Practicum in IB centers in Spain by our students.

The meeting of work started at 11h at Amigos Building and was attended by Angel Sobrino, director of the Master's Degree University in academic staff (MUP); Marie Anne Reynell, director of development of the School, and Beatriz Castillo, assistant to Associate Dean of Office of Academic Affairs.

The workshop ended with a lunch that was also attended by Concepción Naval, dean of the School, Juan Manuel Trillo, Deputy Director of Admissions Office of the academic center.