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José Luis Remón and Lucía Larragoiti win the University of Navarra Golf Tournament

The championship was held at the Castillo de Gorraiz Golf Club and was attended by 116 players in the different categories

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University of Navarra Golf Tournament
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
10/11/14 13:32

José Luis Remón and Lucía Larragoiti are the winners of the 2014 University of Navarra Golf Tournament, in the Absolute, male and female categories respectively. The championship, held on Saturday, November 8 at the Castillo de Gorraiz Golf Club, had the participation of 116 people in the different categories: Absolute Championship, PGE Tournament (professors, graduates and employees of the academic center), Scratch and Gorraiz Members.

For the third consecutive year, the victory in the women's Trophy President went to Regina Mira, a student of the School Pharmacy, while Íñigo Arnaez, a student of Tecnun, won the men's category. The award of these categories consisted of giving them their weight in liters of Lacturale milk, one more year sponsors of the Tournament. In addition, in this same category, Leyre López Itoiz, student of the School of Law, made a Hole-in-one.

In the PGE category (professors, graduates and employees) the first places went to alumni of Medicine and Pharmacy respectively: Raúl Larraga and Mª Luisa Unzurrunzaga.

In the Scratch category, Ignacio Elía won first place for men and Mónica San Juan won first place for women.

Finally, Antonio Marín and Mª Soledad Huarte won in the male and female category of Gorráiz members.


PGE Tournament

1st place male: José Luis Larraga
1st place female: Mº Luisa Unzurrunzaga

Absolute Championship

1st place male: José Luis Remón
1st place female: Lucia Larragoiti

modality of Scratch

1st place male: Ignacio Elía
1st place female: Mónica San Juan

Gorraiz Partners Championship

1st place male: Antonio Marín
1st place female: Mª Soledad Huarte