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"Christianity has more influence indirectly, through literature, art, music or cinema."

A researcher from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland's oldest university, spoke at the Ethics and Society Forum of the ICS of the University of Navarra.

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John Perry, researcher of the University of St. Andrews. PHOTO: Carlota Cortés

"There are various ways of presenting the Catholic view on current issues. Christianity often has more influence indirectly, through literature, art, music or film. This suggests that more young Christians are needed in these fields as well as in theology. This is what John Perry, professor of Theological Ethics at the University of St. Andrews, said at the University of Navarra. University of St. AndrewsThe University of St. Andrews, Scotland's oldest university. He was speaking at the Ethics and Society Forum of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) and also offered a seminar for researchers of the project '.Religion and Civil Society'.

With regard to the participation of the Church and Catholics in major public debates, Professor Perry indicated that it is essential to "seek common ground with other perspectives" from which to advance the argument.

He also stressed that society also expects the Church to express itself publicly -with words or gestures- on issues that are not strictly religious and around which there is a broad agreement , such as corruption or austerity. According to him, "it brings fresh air" and brings it closer to people who live apart from it.

For Professor Perry, the Church can take "as an opportunity" the desacralization that society is experiencing, since the effort to refund to religion its role in society can serve to make progress in ecumenism. He said that this is already happening in England, where there is a greater understanding between the Catholic and Protestant Churches: "They are putting more emphasis on what unites them instead of what separates them".

Religious freedom

John Perry encouraged Christians "not to accept the myth that there is a diary dominated by secularists or atheists. Instead, they should recognize that decision making organizations, such as national governments or the European Union, are in a difficult status because it is difficult to see how you can promote religious freedom and at the same time defend religious rights."

John Perry's research focuses on new forms of theological ethics and their influence on society. In addition to addressing topics such as the relationship between religion and tolerance or religious freedom, he has published articles on medical ethics on issues such as euthanasia and palliative care.