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The University of Navarra launches Diploma online in Moral Theology

The program is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about Christian morality by following the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Diploma Moral Theology online

11/05/17 15:01 Chus Cantalapiedra

The high school Superior of Religious Sciences of the University of Navarra (ISCR) has launched the Diploma online course in Moral Theology. The program is aimed at anyone interested in knowing well, in a scientific, argued and practical way, Christian morality, following the teachings of the Catholic Church. In addition to the fundamentals of morality, this diploma also studies the morality of the person, social morality, ethics, bioethics and issues related to marriage and the family.

Of interest to catechists, parents, educators and pastoral agents, it consists of four subjects spread over 28 credits ECTS credit and can be taken in a deadline of up to two years.s.

New editions of the 'Theology', 'Pedagogy of the Faith' and 'Biblical Theology' diplomas

Likewise, the high school has launched new editions of the Diploma online Biblical Theologythe online Diploma of Pedagogy of the Faith and the online Diploma Theology online. The first consists of 25 credits distributed in 7 subjects, through which the student will be able to deepen in the knowledge of the Sacred Scripture. It is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible, broadening their knowledge or specializing.

The online Diploma of Pedagogy of Faith is aimed at anyone interested in acquiring knowledge about Education and didactics of the Catholic religion, which help to achieve an effective religious training for the transmission of faith. It consists of four subjects and a total of 18 credits ECTS credit.

The online Diploma of Theology offers knowledge scientific of the fundamental truths of the Christian faith following the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, with the goal that students know how to reason and transmit their faith in open dialogue with today's society. It is made up of 9 subjects distributed in 37 credits.

The four diplomas will start in September, although deadline of registration ends on June 30. Its online nature allows the student to study and work in a flexible way, with a continuous assessment system based on activities such as tests and online classes.