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The School of Architecture begins to prepare for its 50th anniversary

Architects and professors make reference letter the anniversary at the Baluarte's congress Arquitectura Necesaria.

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José Ángel Medina, director of the School. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
11/06/14 18:15 Alberto Bonilla

José Ángel Medina, director of the School, made reference letter to the 50th anniversary of the School to be celebrated in the next academic year 2014/2015 at the opening ceremony of congress Arquitectura Necesaria in Baluarte. Medina has highlighted "the illusion for the School" and "the importance" of the quotation while addressing the alumni, many of them present at the event organized by Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad.

The quotation was also attended by renowned architects who are part of the teachers of the School, as is the case of Patxi Mangado. "Without the School many things would not exist in Navarra, now it is 50 years old, its work is invaluable," he said during the opening of the meeting.

He also vindicated the role of Spanish architects, "often modest and with mistakes, but necessary". Finally, he had a few words of support for young architects: "To young people, architecture is necessary, do not be discouraged, you are the most prepared generation of architects".

Finally, before giving way to the lecture of the French professor Dominique Perrault, the director of the congress, Luis Fernández-Galiano, wanted to remember in association with the name of the event that "architecture, the necessary, but not less than necessary".