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From high school to the university: a summer to get into management Entrepreneurship

Twenty pre-university students participate in the XII edition of the 'International Management World' summer course organized by ISSA School of Applied Management.

11 | 07 | 2023

Twenty pre-university students from different Spanish cities have participated in the 2023 edition of the International Management World summer course organized by ISSA School of Applied Management of the University of Navarra.

Through a dozen theoretical and practical cases taught both in Spanish and in English, students have been trained in various areas related to the training proposal of Degree in management Applied Management such as Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Business Management, Intercultural Communication, Organizational Behavior or Brand staff.

In addition, the academic program was completed with other activities: an escape the city through the center of Pamplona, a canoe descent on the Arga River or university orientation sessions aimed at enabling participants to identify which careers match their preferences, tastes and skills.

Alex, Menchu and Fernando are some of the students who have participated in the International Management World. Below they share what this experience has meant to them:

ÁLEX CABRERA 1st of high school diploma - Colegi Montserrat (Barcelona)

Alex Cabrera is student of the Colegi Montserrat of Barcelona, where she studies high school diploma International. She speaks English and German, as well as Spanish and Catalan. He met the Degree in Applied Management thanks to the Vidiomas Contestin which he participated this winter and in which he obtained a special accredited specialization for his work. She says that what she liked most about the summer course is that she gained an insight into business with a day-to-day focus. "In addition, it has allowed me to see firsthand what Degree in management Applied is all about and to learn more about the working world," she concludes.

MENCHU AYCART 1st of high school diploma - Fomento Fundación (Madrid)

Menchu Aycart is one of the students who has lived the university experience 100%, since during the summer course she has stayed in a high school major of campus. She is from Madrid and the third of four siblings. She has just finished her first year of high school diploma and, in addition to participating in the International Management World, she is taking advantage of the summer to study English and prepare for the Cambridge Advanced exam. The session she has enjoyed the most has been Business Management and she says she is really enjoying the experience and the opportunity to meet students from other cities in Spain.

FERNANDO DÍEZ-CABALLERO 4th of ESO - high school Miravalles - El Redín (Pamplona)

Fernando Díez-Caballero will start high school diploma next September, she is from Pamplona and studies at high school Miravalles - El Redín. In addition to Spanish, she has a good level of English and French. "This course has allowed me to get to know another vision of business and other organizations. Perhaps its more practical side," he explains. The young man says he has had a very enriching experience: "I loved meeting students from other cities and the activities we did in the afternoons".