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128 students participate in the Sports Talent Program of the University

The program offers personalized attention to students who combine programs of study university with internship sporting activities. high performing

/The University of Navarra held a welcoming workshop for the students of the program at sports center of the academic center.

11 | 10 | 2022

A total of 128 students from different Schools and centers of the University of Navarra are participating this year in a new edition of the Talento Deportivo (Sports Talent) program. Of these, 74 are women and 54 are men, competing in 38 sports disciplines. The welcome workshop took place in the sports center of the academic center.

The goal of this program, promoted by the Olympic programs of study Center, is to accompany students who combine their programs of study university studies with internship competitive sports, offering them personalized attention. In addition to receiving tutorial, participants have a sportstutor and enjoy medical follow-up; they have a physical maintenance plan, as well as a theoretical training ; and they can access the Sports Nutrition and Food Program.

"The participants of Talento Deportivo are a good example of self-improvement, since successfully combining two demanding activities such as the programs of study and the sports internship of high performing is not an easy task. With this program we want to contribute to their comprehensive development , as professionals, as people and as athletes, offering them support and guidance to maintain excellence in all these areas," said Rosalía Baena, Vice President of Students.

Climbing, figure skating or soccer, among others.

Oihane Ruiz de Argandoña is from Pamplona, studies 2nd year Medicine and competes with the Navarra Climbing Federation. This is her second year in the program and she says that the financial aid provided to them is very useful. "Combining both aspects also requires a great effort staff, especially when it comes to organizing and optimizing both study and training time," he says. She also points out that in situations like hers "it is essential to know how to prioritize at all times, in order to achieve academic and sports goals."

Iker Oyarzábal, from San Sebastián, is of the same opinion. He combines his programs of study 4th year in Industrial Engineering with figure skating at the TxuriBerri Ice Club. A member of the program since he started degree program, 4 years ago, he points out that dedicating himself to these two fields "requires discipline and a lot of sacrifice".

Jorge Herrando, a Pharmacy and Nutrition student and C.A. Osasuna player, believes that this program helps them financial aid in two ways: "As students, to combine programs of study with internship high performing . And as athletes, we receive theoreticaltraining that can help us in our sports degree program ".