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More than 300 people are trained in IB monographs

Students and teachers from schools in high school diploma International of Spain attend the VII edition of the Monograph Fair.

12 | 02 | 2024

A total of 340 people participated in the VII edition of the Monographs Fair for schools of high school diploma International organized by the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra.

In this edition, which was held online, participants from 15 schools in the following autonomous communities: Madrid, Castellón, Cataluña, Andalucía and Navarra. high school diploma 15 schools from the following autonomous communities: Madrid, Castellón, Catalonia, Andalusia and Navarra.

The goal of the Monograph Fair is to share good practices in the different methodologies of research in view of the work monograph that students must complete as part of the high school diploma International program. Attendees are divided into workshops of different disciplines that are organized during the day with the goal to offer an opportunity to broaden methodological knowledge, deepen the use of information, detect different approaches and new options in the research.

The workshops that have been organized and the professionals who have taught them this year have been:

Experimental Sciences. Marisol Escaño.

Biologist with emphasis in Education and research. Extensive experience professor in science area and in the formulation and guidance of research projects for the development of scientific competencies. Examiner and Chief Examiner of the test 2 NM/NS and assessment Internal NM/NS component of the subject Biology component of the International Baccalaureate (IB). high school diploma International (IB). Biology Workshop Leader and Member of the IB Visiting Commission. She currently works as Deputy National Director of management Curricular of ASPAEN, the network of the largest private schools in Colombia.

History. Catalina Garzón.

Historian from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Master in History and PhD in History from Universidad de los Andes. She has been an IB History teacher since 2010 and a Monograph examiner in History, test Internal and test 2 since 2014. She currently serves as Head of the Social Sciences department of the Vermont Gymnasium and is a teacher of IB History Higher Level.

language and Literature. Raquel Somoano.

Graduate in Philology and award Extraordinary in her licentiate degree. Professor of language A in the program of the Diploma del high school diploma International since 2013 and tutor of monographs since then. In the last two courses she is the manager of the IB Core components . She coordinates the supervision of Monographs, Tok, CAS, as well as the emotional management in extraordinary school situations. She also gives talks on the management of communication with adolescents.

Mathematics. Andrés León.

professor mathematics, covers both high school and college levels. high school diploma. At the International Baccalaureate (IB) level, he high school diploma International Baccalaureate (IB), he plays prominent roles as a monograph supervisor, examiner of the test 2 and the internal assessment , as well as being a member of visiting school delegations.

language Foreigner. Claudia Aguirre.

Graduate in Philology and Languages, MA in Teaching English as a Second Language. Co-author of 7 series for teaching of English and natural sciences in English. Reviewer, consultant publishing house and scientific advisor and editor of several series for teaching English and natural sciences, in English. English B teacher and Program Coordinator for Diploma for the past 13 years. Examiner of the subject and monograph in English B.

Physics. Marcela González.

Graduate in Physics and Master in Physics. Extensive experience in science teaching and in guidance of research projects for the development of scientific skills. For 18 years she has been dedicated to teaching physics in high school, 9 of which have been dedicated to training and preparation of young people in the IB Diploma program. She is an examiner for test 2 and assessment intern at middle and high school level at area Physics. She is currently dedicated to the advisory service of teachers and educational institutions in the different aspects of the subject in the program of the diploma of the high school diploma international.

Philosophy. Catalina Gomez.


Philosopher and Master's Degree at Philosophy of the University of Granada. She teaches at a high school IB and has seven years of experience as a teacher of Philosophy and theory of knowledge, during these years she has led monograph processes and is currently an examiner of the same component.