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IA+Igual incorporates the University as academic partner

The Institute of Science of the data and AI (DATAI) will be in charge of preparing the White Paper of recommendations for the audit of AI algorithms applied in human resources processes.

PhotoManuelCastells/Jesús López-Fidalgo, director of the Institute of Science of the data and AI of the University of Navarra.

The project IA+Igual incorporates the University's Institute of Sciences of the data and IA (DATAI ) as an academic partner. The agreement signed by both entities establishes that the team of researchers appointed by DATAI will work in partnership with the audit team and the committee advisor of IA+Igual to elaborate a White Paper. This academic and empirical document will serve as a recommendation for the development of a model certification of AI tools algorithms applied to human resources processes and the labor market. The goal is to detect and mitigate biases to ensure an ethical and reliable use of this technology in a field, that of employment, qualified as high risk by the EU.

IA+Igual, led by Marisa Cruzado, CEO of CVA, will collaborate with the DATAI team, which includes researchers with expertise in algorithmic fairness -RubénArmañanzas- and AI ethics -AlejoSisón and Ignacio Ferrero- and led by Jesús López-Fidalgo. "In line with our work of research applied, we will collaborate with IN2 engineers and members of committee advisor of AI+Igual to get the model certification of AI algorithms in HR to ensure ethical, fair and reliable digitization," explains Jesús López-Fidalgo.

Empirical audit

IA+Igual has already started the work of empirical analysis of algorithms that are being used in tools applied to human resources, with the goal of defining an audit model that guarantees the efficient use of AI in this field. "When it comes to processes that affect people's lives and degree program it is critical to comply with the criteria of transparency, explainability and privacy that guarantee compliance with the rule labor and equal opportunities," explains Marisa Cruzado, CEO promoter of IA+Igual. "We have already started the audit work to see what is happening. This empirical analysis, in such an innovative project as the one we are carrying out from IA+Igual, is opening the doors to a world in transformation in which, in addition to ethics, transparency and reliability, other parameters such as regulatory or reputational influence. For this reason, -concludes Cruzado-, we work with a group multidisciplinary of experts who contribute their knowledge from different fields, so that nothing can escape us".

The close partnership between architects and engineers of data, developers, user companies and members of committee advisor of IA+Igual is a proposal pioneer in Europe. This multidisciplinary vision is now associated with the scientific and academic potential of DATAI. "The project will culminate in the elaboration of a White Paper with recommendations for a model certification, and the proposal of a specific quality seal for the workplace. With this innovative project, we want to contribute to strengthening the employer brand of companies and, therefore, attract the best talent - including the most vulnerable groups - and generate confidence and motivation among professionals and society," concludes Marisa Cruzado.

Marisa Cruzado, Founder and CEO of IA+Igual