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A book collects programs of study unpublished about the cathedral of Pamplona.

This is the first volume of the Cuadernos de la Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro of the University of Navarre.

12/12/06 21:05

A monographic book collect programs of study on different aspects of the cathedral of Pamplona.The work is the first volume of the book, which is the first of a series of books on the history of the museum. The work is the first volume of the Notebooks of the Chair of Navarrese Heritage and Art of the University of Navarra.

With the subtitle "programs of study on the cathedral of Pamplona in memoriam Jesús María Omeñaca", the book wants to pay tribute to the now deceased and for many years manager of the artistic heritage of the diocese and director of the Diocesan Museum of Pamplona.

The publication is divided into five main sections with the following themes: the building and its monumental decoration; decoration and sumptuary arts; restorations and interventions; religiosity, protocol and ceremonial; and the cathedral as a visual and literary image. With 560 pages, the issue is bound in hard cover and presents on its cover the well-known lithograph by Pérez Villaamil of the Amparo door.

30 contributions from specialists

In total, the book gathers thirty contributions from professors and specialists from the Universities of Navarra, Murcia, Complutense de Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Murcia, Zaragoza, UNED and the Basque Country, the Royal Academy of History, the high school Diego Velázquez (CSIC), the file General of Navarra and the Museum of Navarra.

The volume has been coordinated by professors Mª Concepción García Gaínza and Ricardo Fernández Gracia, director and Deputy Director of the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro, respectively. It will be distributed among the libraries of Spanish universities and the main libraries of Europe and Latin America, as well as among cultural entities and institutions dedicated to heritage. application Those interested in acquiring the volume may do so by sending an e-mail to the aforementioned Chair, as it is a non-commercial edition.

partnership Together with the sponsorship of the Government of Navarra and the usual collaborations of Diario de Navarra and the Caja Navarra Foundation, the Fuentes Dutor Foundation joins in this specific issue , due to its close collaboration with Jesús Omeñaca, at the time of undertaking the restoration of several groups of the cathedral.