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The final year students of School of Education and Psychology set their professional future on track.

The II conference of Professional Preparation EyP of the University of Navarra put on contact to student body and professionals in the field of Education and human resources.


13 | 02 | 2018

Between January 16 and 20, the II conference of Professional Preparation EyP was held at the University of Navarra, in which the final year students of the Degrees of Education and Psychology had a series of sessions with different professionals related to the field of Education and Human Resources. These conference were organized by Nuria Ascunce Recarte, manager of Career Services at School of Education and Psychology. 

The first session was held at position by Esteban Solano, director of consultancy service of Human Resources Esolano Experts in Business Psychology. Solano focused his session on professional interviews, especially on the aspect of security staff. "The person we have in front of us must be given a sense of security because they are under a lot of pressure and we have to make it easy for them. We all tend to present ourselves in a consistent way, but many remain simplistic," he said.

The second workshop featured Adecco, a Human Resources consultancy service . Izaga Madurga and Lisbet Chusi, members of Adecco, advised highlighting only three competencies in a work space. "We must analyze our areas of improvement and our competencies; it is essential to prepare examples of our strengths for personal interviews," said Madurga. Lisbet Chusi, for her part, advised the participants to emphasize the positive side: "We should not criticize the companies we have worked for, nor use negative expressions".

The third day was focused on the offer of employment public; for this, Marcos Fernandez and Susan Lemperger, members of the academy Iter 45, gave a session that was very clarifying for the attendees. Marcos Fernandez explained the whole process of access and examination of the oppositions to professor of Education Infant and Primary. At the same time, they recommended to take courses of training continuous and pedagogical innovation.

The following day it was the turn of roundtable with the professional profiles. This table was composed of Kiko Sagardoy, delegate of high school Teresianas Pamplona, Teresa Aranaz, director of high school San Cernin of Pamplona, Nieves Naya, director of high school Vedruna of Vitoria and Marian Salaverria, human resources advisor. They stressed the importance of knowing languages and having degrees to back it up, as well as knowing the statement of core values and missions of high school where you want to work. Nieves Naya pointed out: "In my center, 40% of the teachers are alumni. Knowing the statement of core values of the center is a great advantage when it comes to selection". All of them stressed that the most important thing when it comes to selection is the attitude, which must be proactive and have had work experience beyond the strictly academic.

This cycle was closed on Saturday 20th with Alejandro Cubillan, member of Ef Coaching and Cultural Care. Cubillan emphasized the importance of adapting a curriculum to each work and the opportunities provided by having an international experience.

These conference ended with individual national and international coaching sessions.