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The challenge to train for an ever-changing job market

Interview with Roberto Cabezas, director Career Services University of Navarra

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
13/04/18 17:39 Blanca Rodriguez

Roberto Cabezas is director of Career Services University of Navarra, which offers students and graduates opportunities and tools for professional development . He manages internship offers and employment and offers scholarship programs, training courses and counseling. It also establishes partnership bridges with national and international companies, with the goal of transferring university talent to society.

A society that, as Roberto Cabezas warns, is "facing a change of era that will affect the labor market and generate new needs and requirements". For this reason, training is essential to achieve professional goals and, also for this reason, Career Services has the challenge to respond satisfactorily to students and companies.

- The QS international ranking of employability positioned the University of Navarra as issue 1 in Spain and 48 in the world, what do employers value most about this University?

QS has ranked us as the top university in Spain in employability for the third consecutive year, and this distinction is not the result of improvisation. It is the result of a reinforced commitment to the transfer of talent to society. The extensive national and international experience of our University, the solid specialization in all areas related to employability and transversal skills, the strong commitment to the characteristics and ethical conditions of professional practice and the deep desire to intervene and contribute in those issues of great relevance to society, mold and shape the profile of the graduates of our house and becomes our best cover letter with the business world.

- What is the mission statement of Career Services?

Our mission statement is to provide students and graduates with the best opportunities and tools for the employment and development of their professional degree program , and our raison d'être is the transfer of young talent to society.

- Career Services is committed to its students.

One of the most valuable variables for a young professional is the possibility of accessing an excellent professional career. Some of the reasons why our students and their families choose this University are: the extraordinary academic training and staff and the possibility of accessing professional opportunities in companies of reference letter national and international, very much in tune with the interests, hopes and aspirations of the students. We are the main strategic partners of our students and alumni in the search for employment, offering companies what they are looking for; we want to satisfy their recruitment needs in an efficient and cost-effective way. In this way we can build virtuous bridges between the University and business to help shape a more humane, more generous and, at final, a better world.

- In the YouTube channel you collect tips to prepare a good CV, a professional interview... But you also publish interviews with managers of renowned companies, what is the most interesting thing about this platform?

Recruiting in companies is increasingly demanding and competitive. Through our Youtube channel we want to offer our students and alumni valuable tools on topics related to employability, exposed in a clear, visible and simple way, so that they can face the selection processes with greater strength, clarity and security. Preparation is crucial. Companies draw conclusions about candidates based on the breadth and depth of their training, professionalism and interest in work and business. Responding satisfactorily to these demands is our challenge and one of our main efforts.

- At the University of Navarra there are young people with enthusiasm, talent, entrepreneurs... What skills do they transfer to the labor market?

Every year more than two thousand talented young people leave our classrooms, seeking to illuminate their worlds, the world. From my perspective, they stand out for their skill to think simultaneously about multiple concepts. They are caring people who have in service a great tool of change and struggle. They are young people who have cultivated their critical thinking, judgment and decision making skills. They are creative, motivated and cheerful people. They are young people with a high capacity to solve complex problems.

- Career Services organizes the main forum of employment of the University of Navarra, the Winter Career Forum. It is attended by quotation international and national companies interested in this talent. Why is it interesting for students?

The world is undergoing a surprising and vertiginous process of change, which is generating a series of social, educational, consumer and labor relationship implications... Society is facing a change of era that will affect the labor market and will generate new needs and requirements. Our professional success will depend, to a large extent, on our employability, i.e., that our profile is attractive and appealing to the work market. I believe that the future will be for those companies capable of attracting and retaining the best talent through the creation of multipurpose teams; of Structures oriented to the satisfaction of employee; and of a corporate culture aimed at development of talent, hence our interest in covering more sectors in our Career Forum and counting on the partnership and involvement of all the centers of the University.

- What can students find in Career Services?

Our students and alumni can find in Career Services a specialized team, enthusiastic and committed to be the best travel companions in the adventure of developing the competencies and skills that companies demand today. Also in designing a plan for degree program or career prospects and looking for a employment that meets the interests of each one.

- Earlier this year, Career Services built a time machine that traveled to Schools and collected the dreams of more than 500 young people. The dreams that were recorded in it will be sent back to their owners in ten years. What is Career Services' dream?

In Career Services we dream of being a world reference in the transfer of talent to society, to offer the best opportunities and tools for the employment and the development of the professional degree program of our students and graduates, to be leaders in staff counseling, to open new opportunities with companies of reference letter national and international. We dream of contributing to the training of good people, leaders, who drive and impact with positive and profound changes from each of their trenches and personal and particular scenarios.