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The University of Navarra and CEIN will train young scientists for another year in the field of business

The Diploma in management and Business Creation in Science celebrates its ninth edition starting on October 2.

13 | 09 | 2021

The School of Sciences of the University of Navarra and the European Business and Innovation Center of Navarra (CEIN) join forces, once again this year, to train young scientists in the field of business. Next Saturday, October 2, the Diploma management and Creation of Companies in Science will start, whose goal main objective is to bring companies in the scientific sector to the classroom so that students can acquire the professional skills most in demand in organizations.

"The partnership with CEIN allows us to bring innovation companies in Navarra closer to the University and fill in the training of our students in management and bioentrepreneurship", points out Cristina Martínez Cabañas, manager of Career Services in the School of Sciences.

This diploma, offered for students of Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate and alumni of the Schools of the area of Sciences, has a duration of 68 hours, and will be developed during nine Saturdays throughout the course and an intensive week in the month of May.

During this period, scientists learn to design a sales strategy, a communication and marketing plan, manage a budget, interpret an income statement, solve problems or face a negotiation, among other skills. The methodology combines theoretical classes with the resolution of practical cases, and training involves active professionals from scientific-technological companies, as well as professionals from CEIN.

"Elénpis" group winner in the VIII edition

At the end of the course, students, in groups, propose a business idea to a panel of professionals from CEIN, Sodena and entrepreneurs. In the eighth edition, the most highly rated proposal was the project "Elénpis", which proposed a provider of lipid nanoparticles employee in therapies to combat diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and different types of cancer.

The members of this group were María Cristina de Ochoa (4th of Biochemistry ), Ronald Andrey Montero (Master's Degree at research Biomedical), Augusto Perez (4TH Biochemistry ), John Paul Unfried (researcher at Cima University of Navarra) e Iván Zubiri (Master's Degree at research Biomedical).

For more information and registration for the new course, please contact Silvia Olza: