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"Sustainability is a determining factor in positioning the company as a benchmark in the healthcare sector".

Ángel Pérez Agenjo, founder and partner director of Transcendent, gave the inaugural lecture of the three master's degrees that the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition offers in Pamplona.

13 | 09 | 2022

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomed on September 1st the 48 students who will take one of the three master's degrees offered at campus in Pamplona. During the welcome workshop , after the greeting of the dean and the Associate Dean of postgraduate program, the new students participated in a session with Ángel Pérez Agenjo, founder and partner director of Transcendent, on sustainability and business impact as value generators in the health sector.

In his speech, Pérez Agenjo related core topic concepts such as sustainability and business impact with environmental, social and corporate governance factors. He explained that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the set of actions carried out by business to ensure that its activities have a positive impact on society and that they affirm the principles and values by which it is governed, both in its internal processes and in its relationship with others: employees, clients and the community.

"These criteria are core topic for investors when choosing one investment or another; this is what is called socially responsible investment manager (SRI), a determining factor for the business strategy of business and for the creation of value by positioning itself as a benchmark in the sector in subject sustainability," he explained. He detailed some methods for measuring CSR, such as reports that measure the economic, political, social and environmental impact of business, transparency, ethical behavior and working conditions and employee satisfaction.

During the question and answer session, the students wanted to know more about the concepts analyzed and about the dilemma of how to improve the CSR of a tobacco company, an example given by speaker along with others such as a clothing manufacturing company business or a pharmaceutical industry.