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#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival will screen the best science film documentaries in Pamplona

From February 21 to 25, the Science Museum of the University of Navarra organizes screenings of the finalist films, colloquiums with experts, and a program of scientific activities for all audiences.

14 | 02 | 2023

The edition Genetics, nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, astronomy, mathematics, ecology, climate change, nutrition or biomedicine are some of the topics that will be present in the IV edition of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival, which will take place from February 21 to 25 in Pamplona. In this edition, 1,115 productions from 94 countries have participated.

"When you hear about science film, a lot of people think it's going to be something hard to understand and boring. But that's not the case. Year after year, we find that people who participate in the screenings and other activities discover a wonderful, fun world where you always learn something," says Bienvenido León, director of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival.

On Tuesday 21, at 19:00 hours at the Museum of the University of Navarra, will be held the gala of submission festival awards, presented by the mathematician and monologuist Santiago García Cremades. The gala will be a show of videos about science, live music at position by group Lemon y Tal from Navarra, and science and humor monologues. The festival will recognize the best documentary or report, television program, video for the web or social networks, student production, and work produced by a university. In addition, the award "Passion for Science" will be awarded to mathematician Clara Grima for her excellent work in the teaching and knowledge dissemination of mathematics.

From February 22 to 25, some of the finalist documentaries of the festival will be screened at 7 p.m. at the Golem Baiona (Av. de Bayona, 56, Pamplona). On Wednesday 22nd the documentary "Carbon - The Unauthorised Biography" will be screened, a production about the history of Carbon, the element that builds all the life we know. The screening will be followed by a colloquium with Daniella Ortega, director of the documentary, and journalist Roncesvalles Labiano.

Thursday 23rd will be the turn of "Atomic Hope - Inside the Pro-Nuclear Movement", which narrates the actions of a small global movement of pro-nuclear activists. After the documentary, journalist Eva Lus will moderate the dialogue between Antonio Cornadó, president of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (2013- 2017), and sociologist Alejandro Navas.

On Friday 24, "Make People Better" will be screened, which tells the different edges of an editing experiment Genetics that took place in 2018. The screening will be followed by a colloquium with Antonio Regalado, journalist of research and protagonist of the documentary, and Pablo Castrillo, professor of the School of Communication at the University of Navarra.

On Saturday 25, "The First Wave", a production that focuses on the heroes of COVID-19, will be screened. After the screening, epidemiologist Miguel Angel Martinez will chat with Lourdes Esqueda, professor at School of Communication at the University of Navarra.

Tickets for the screenings and the gala can be picked up at the festival's website.

Ask for Science: Two weeks of science activities for all audiences

The activities began yesterday at the Civivox Iturrama at 19 hours, with the lecture of Javier Novo, Full Professor of Genetics of the University of Navarra, who spoke to attendees about the edition Genetics. On Thursday 16, at 7 p.m. in the same place, it will be the turn of microbiologist Ignacio López-Goñi, who will speak on "Global Health: why do new viruses emerge?".

On Monday 20 at 5 p.m. and Tuesday 21 at 9:30 a.m., two mathematics workshops will be held at the University's Sciences Building , aimed at teachers of Education Primary and Secondary schools, which will be given by the popularizer Clara Grima: "Teach me to think" and "Let mathematics accompany you".

And on Friday 24, at 12:30 at the Sciences Building of the University, a roundtable "CRISPR: modifying the human genome?" will be held with the participation of Lluis Montoliu, researcher of the CNB-CSIC, and Antonio Regalado, Senior publisher of MIT Technology Review.

In addition, during these weeks there will be experiments in schools in Pamplona and the surrounding area on topics related to the festival's films; a forum and workshop on social networks; a workshop on dance and science; and the screening of some scientific documentaries in the Pamplona Penitentiary.

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival is an international science film festival competition , promoted by the Science Museum of the University of Navarra, which has as goal bring science to society and especially to young people. The festival is developed thanks to the sponsorship of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology FECYT / Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Navarra, Pamplona City Council and Laboral Kutxa, as well as the partnership of Golem Cinemas and the Museum University of Navarra.