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"Each person comes into this world called by God to walk a path of love, an exciting adventure of freedom."

José Manuel Fidalgo, professor of the School of Theology at the University of Navarra, publishes the book "A mí también me llama. Freedom and vocation staff"

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José Manuel Fidalgo. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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Cover of the book. PHOTO: Courtesy
14/06/18 13:34 Maria M. Orbegozo

José Manuel Fidalgo, professor of the School of Theology at the University of Navarra, has published the book "A mí también me llama. Libertad y vocación staff". Edited by Rialp, the work arises on the occasion of the Synod of Bishops that the Pope has convened this year to meditate on young people, faith and vocational discernment. "It is written in a special way for young people who are making the big decisions of their lives and are waiting for spiritual guidance to freely follow paths of love and commitment to God, the Church and society," explains the author.

Throughout its pages, it addresses some of the deepest concerns of every human being, which connect fully with the meaning of life and, therefore, with happiness: "The book aims to promote a positive, open, dynamic and confident style in the perception of God's call. It is a reflection on vocation as the primary meaning of our life, because each person comes to this world called by God to walk a path of love, which is an exciting adventure of freedom". As Professor Fidalgo assures, "vocation moves in the sphere of freedom staff, because God does not program the life of people, but trusts in the freedom of his children and calls us -usually in the form of an invitation- to follow a path that responds to the needs of the Heart of Christ, in the Church and in the world".

In this sense, he points out that vocation "is not a project of individualistic self-realization, but a call to open one's heart to others. It should not be perceived as a pre-designed path that I have to follow, but as a call from God to an adventure of love staff, a meeting full of trust between the eternity of God and my decision in time". He adds that "at times it might seem - at a superficial glance - that there are people who have a vocation and others who do not; but in reality, each person is a vocation. God calls us all, by different paths, to the same goal of fullness of love and submission. Each one has to discern and decide, in sincere dialogue with God, which path of love he/she wants to follow, how he/she is going to submit in this life to Him and to others".

José Manuel Fidalgo is a priest, doctor in Theology and graduate at Philosophy. Director of high school Superior of Religious Sciences (ISCR) of the University of Navarra and professor of Theology, collaborates in newspapers and magazines of Education, and is the author of several books.