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The ARCO Foundation entrusts the MUN with the study and knowledge dissemination of the ARCO Collection.

The partnership agreement signed by both institutions means the beginning of several works of research and exhibition of the ARCO Foundation funds by the students of Master's Degree in programs of study of Curatorship, the only official curatorial program in Spain.

FotoManuelCastells/visit by Maribel López to the students of Master's Degree at programs of study of Curatorship at the Museo Universidad de Navarra.

14 | 12 | 2023

The ARCO Foundation and the Museo Universidad de Navarra have signed an agreement partnership agreement that allows the students of Master's Degree in programs of study of Curatorship of the MUN to investigate the ARCO collection, composed of 384 works. As a result of this study, the students will carry out their final work Master's Degree , which will consist of the presentation of an exhibition project for the MUN. The alliance was signed by José Vicente de los Mozos, president of board of trustees of Fundación ARCO and IFEMA MADRID, and Jaime García del Barrio, director of the Museo Universidad de Navarra.

Thanks to this agreement, the students of the VI promotion of postgraduate program will have access to the ARCO Collection during the 2023-24 academic year. In addition, during the second semester, the group will visit the CA2M (Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo) in Madrid, place of file, conservation and exhibition of the collection. The alliance between the two institutions also foresees other actions to make the ARCO Foundation's collection more visible.

In a first meeting in the university campus of Pamplona with the students, Maribel Lopez, director of ARCO and born patron of the ARCO Foundation, made a first presentation of the funds and encouraged them to be transgressors in their approaches: "do not be afraid to find new readings of the ARCO Collection, do not be afraid to invent words and stories; our Collection is very free in the ways of being looked at and we trust in your youth, creativity and perspective". Likewise, Lopez pointed out that this experience will be a very real exercise for future curators, since "you will have to research on the pieces, the artists, detect what would attract the public's attention, take into account the conservation and transportation aspects, structure an exhibition project and develop it with flexibility, evolving it, because you will find pitfalls, as in every living project ".