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Celeste Garduño and Santiago Ávila, students of Master's Degree at programs of study Curatorship, will be curating a exhibition with pieces from the Bergé Collection at Cuatrecasas.

14 | 06 | 2022

The exhibition proposal Function and fictionby Celeste Garduño Carbajal and Santiago Ávila Albuja, students of Master's Degree in programs of study Curatorial Studies at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, has won the competition promoted by this centre in partnership with the Bergé Collection and the Cuatrecasas law firm in Madrid. 

The project has been selected among those presented by the students of the IV promotion of the postgraduate program and will be inaugurated on September 8 in the hall of the Cuatrecasas headquarters in Madrid. In sample, the curators, with the financial aid of 9 pieces of contemporary art chosen from the Bergé Collection, populate a space conceived as aseptic and businesslike to invite us to think about the human and functional relationship we maintain with spaces and objects of everyday use, to which these pieces give a new meaning. In this way, sample questions the function of space and objects from a more staff and intimate perspective, and incorporates creativity and contemporary art as everyday elements of reflection in the workplace.

The jury of the competition - made up ofJorge Badía Carro, CEO of Cuatrecasas; Alicia Alcocer Koplowitz, collector; Ángel J. Gómez Montoro, president of the MUN's board of trustees ; Nieves Acedo del Barrio, director of the Master's Degree de programs of study de Comisariado; Pedro Enciso Bergé, vice-president of Bergé y cía; and María Aguilera Aranaz, curator of the Bergé Collection - highlighted the high quality of the proposals received, from which it selected this one "for its clarity in the exhibition of the concepts, its sharpness of understanding for the public and the humour in the selection of the pieces in keeping with the project".


With Function and Fiction, the young curators have had the opportunity to apply the skills learnt during the Master's Degree to the internship and to continue reflecting on questions core topic about art curating. In the words of Garduño and Ávila, "the training of Master's Degree has been fundamental, as it has allowed us to have a reflexive and creative vision of curatorial practices. Our concerns about the different types of audiences, spaces and projects arise from the curatorial programs of study ". In this sense, they underline that in this project they have put on internship "several important aspects learnt during the course, above all in recognising the importance and difficulty of proposing projects that go beyond traditional museum spaces. In addition, our work has been developed in a collaborative way at all times. This has been a regular teaching and internship throughout the Master's Degree, which insists on the importance of organisation and work as a team". 

This responds to the theoretical vocationinternship with which this postgraduate program has been conceived, which complements a solid theoretical training with a dimension internship, very close to the current reality of art, marked by private and corporate collecting. This curatorial award responds to its search for professional opportunities for its students in innovative environments in which curatorship adds value.

Both companies, Bergé and Cuatrecasas, have been collaborating for decades. This proposal, however, goes one step further and not only proposes the exhibition of the Bergé Collection, in its location in the Cuatrecasasas law firm, but Function and Fiction complements the selection and proposal distribution of the pieces with a daring mediation plan that involves all the workers and collaborators of signature in the exhibition project and in the reflection that it provokes.