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Volkswagen scholarship to two students from the School of Architecture to improve the mobility

His project bike lane was rewarded with an internship at business automotive.

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Guillermo Arza and Iñigo Asurmendi. PHOTO: Courtesy
17/01/14 12:07 Alberto Bonilla

Guillermo Arza and Iñigo Asurmendi, graduates of School of Architecture from the University of Navarra, have completed a four-month internship at Volkswagen, where they have worked on improving mobility both inside and outside the factory.

His project has focused on the convenience of commuting, ease of use for employees and distribution of space if there were bike lanes in the factory.

Volkswagen and the University of Navarra continue to collaborate to achieve a sustainable mobility . In this line, several students from the UN's School of Architecture developed different proposals to improve the mobility to and within the business automobile. The works were framed in the subject Environmental engineering applied to the city.

The rest of the finalist projects made the following proposals:

  • Bring the buses already contracted into the site.

  • Increase in private vehicle occupancy.

  • Proposals for attractive activities for workers before and after workshop .

  • Green car parking (grassy parking lots) and solar tarpaulins.

  • Covering of routes.

  • Car sharing and economic incentives.

  • Turntable for buses.