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The University, partner of a European project to promote technological literacy and inclusion.

Six universities and institutions are working on this initiative, funded by the European Commission.

FotoGloriaArmenteros/Elena Lacilla, Asier Santas and Nuño Mardones, researchers from the University of Navarra who are participating in the project

17 | 05 | 2023

The School of Architecture University is part of the European project E4TLI, Education for Technological literacy and inclusion (Education for technological literacy and inclusion), funded by the European Commission. goal Six universities and institutions are working on this initiative, which aims to educate researchers of the partners involved, their students and society in improving their digital skills and capabilities, as well as to avoid the digital divide.

In addition to the University, the following partners are participating in project: Universidad Del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU), high school Politecnico Do Porto (IPP), Eesti Muusika- Ja Teatriakadeemia (EMTA), Tajik State University of Commerce (TAJIK) and MBM Associates Planning and Sustaining Private Limited (MBM). The six institutions will research on science of data, augmented reality, virtual reality, cybersecurity, etc.

The University researchers participating in project are Elena Lacilla, Nuño Mardones and Asier Santas. "At the School we focus on innovative teaching through the 'learning by doing' methodology, closely linked to industry and public institutions," explains Asier Santas. In this sense, the academic center collaborates through its CT Labs with different city councils to focus the students' work on the interests of the cities. It also has a laboratory with a digital unit and a FabLab, which promote digitization and provide a conceptual and procedural framework suitable for digital processes.

Application of 4.0 Technologies

In addition to educating members of academic staff, students, mentors and university managers without training, the partners of project intend to collect practical recommendations for the application of 4.0 Technologies among public administrations and private companies, with the goal to be used in their own professional spaces. In addition, the universities and institutions involved will disseminate knowledge about 4.0 Technologies among educational and non-technological training agents.

This project is part of the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra, which aims to contribute to sustainable social development , starting from the care of people and the environment, and through the interdisciplinary and applied research , the training of the youngest and the transfer of knowledge to society.