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71 students are part of the Sports Talent Program

The President of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, received all the participants at the Salón de Degrees

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Members of Sports Talent Program 2014-2015
PHOTO: Manuel Castells

The 71 students participating in the Sports Talent ProgramUniversity of Navarra during this academic year 2014-2015 have been received by the President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, in a ceremony that has taken place in the Hall of Degrees of the Central Building.

This initiative, launched by the Olympic programs of study Center, aims to offer financial aid and attendance comprehensive to students who combine the degree program university with the internship performance sports.

Before the event the students participated in the first session of training on"The values of sport". This seminar was given by Elisa Aguilar, former player of the Spanish national basketball team, who managed to win the 2013 Eurobasket and was the first Spanish player to play in the American professional basketball league.

Also, during the event, a agreement of sponsorship was signed with business Autobar.