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Nearly 1,000 schoolchildren participate in the activities organized by the University during Science Week

Informative talks on science and workshops on biology, Chemistry, microbiology, physics, rocks and minerals are the activities in which the schools have participated.

17 | 11 | 2023

The School of Sciences of the University of Navarra has brought together nearly 1,000 schoolchildren -from 3rd of ESO to 1st of high school diploma- around the activities of the Science Week. The students, accompanied by their teachers, were able to enjoy informative talks on science, as well as experimental workshops, which took place from November 13 to 17 at the Sciences Building of the University of Navarra.  

In total, nearly 1,000 attendees from twelve educational centers in the region: IES Julio Caro Baroja, Luis Amigó, FEC Vedruna, IES Berriozar, Dominicas Pamplona, IES Padre Moret-Irubide, IES Navarro Villoslada, IES Ibaialde, Miravalles-El Redín, IES Barañain, IES Basoko, and IES Sierra de Leyre.

Participants were able to enjoy informative sessions on different branches of science: "Climate crisis, where we come from and where we are going", "Birds of prey and falconry exhibition", "How a brain addicted to drugs is created", "Jurassic Park, a controversial movie" and "AI Amplified or Atrophied Intelligence".

In addition, attendees have participated in different scientific workshops that serve as a complement to the subjects they see in their centers: biology -methods and tools for the study of wildlife, geology -minerals that form the most important rocks in Navarra-, microbiology -the microorganisms that surround us-, Chemistry -magical metals-, and physics -plasma lamp and Whimshurt machine-.

Science and evolution, a cycle for all audiences

On the other hand, the University of Navarra, through the Science Museum, promotes other activities of knowledge dissemination of science for the general public in the framework of the Science Weeks, as is the case of the cycle "Science and Evolution". Among the outstanding activities of this cycle, next Thursday, November 23 at 19:30h. in the Civivox of Iturrama (C/Esquiroz, 24), Javier Novo, Full Professor of Genetics at the University of Navarra will give the session: "The evolution that could have been: of extinctions and dinosaurs". The complete program of this cycle and other activities can be found on the Science Museum's web page.

goal The Science Weeks in Navarra is an event co-organized by the University of Navarra, the Pamplona Planetarium, the Public University of Navarra and the Club de Amigos de la Ciencia with the aim of bringing science closer to the public through scientific activities knowledge dissemination .