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Fourteen students from School of Theology receive diaconate ordination

The ordinands come from Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and Uganda.

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Archbishop Francisco Perez with the new deacons. PHOTO: Matt Kolf
18/04/16 10:26 Fina Trèmols

Francisco Pérez González, Archbishop of Pamplona and Bishop of Tudela, conferred the diaconate on fourteen students of the Theology School of Pamplona. School of Theology of the University of Navarra in the parish of St. Nicholas of Pamplona. Some of the relatives of the ordinands, professors and students of the Ecclesiastical Schools -among them the seminarians residing in the high school Bidasoa International Ecclesiasticum-and many of the faithful were present at the ceremony.

Francisco Perez in his homily and taking as an example the framework of the parish of St. Nicholas, in which "each stone is a witness of the history of those who collaborated with it", he exhorted the deacons to take that witness "to continue with the construction of the Church". Following the reading of the Acts of the Apostles just proclaimed, in which the primacy of Peter was pointed out, he recalled that the Church is hierarchical and encouraged them to "accept the indications of the Bishop" recalling the theological value of unity with the one who is the head of the diocese, as a symbol of unity with Pope Francis. The Archbishop of Pamplona also emphasized that celibacy "is not a burden, but a precious grace". And he commented that the years would pass and they would remember that his ordination to the diaconate took place in the Jubilee Year of Mercya week after the publication of the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia.


At the end of the ceremony the new deacon, Carlos Bladimir CoradoHe gave thanks on behalf of the rest of his confreres. He thanked God "for having looked upon us with affection" and remembered the people and institutions that "with generosity, effort and love have been at our side": their families, their bishops and seminaries of origin, the Archbishop of Pamplona, Mr. César Magañathe parish priest of St. Nicholas, the Prelature of Opus Deithe Bidasoa International Ecclesiastical high school and its trainers, as well as the Fundación Vasconia, the Centro Academico Romano Funación(CARF)The University of Navarra and the Ecclesiastical Schools , where they have been formed in their programs of study of Theology.

The students ordained as deacons are:
  • David Abado Quispe, from the Diocese of Juli, Peru

  • Carlos Ernesto Aguilar Fuentes, of the Diocese of Celaya, Mexico

  • Roberto Javier Aguirre Padilla, of the Diocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Jorge Alberto Alvarado Fernández, of the Diocese of Santa Ana, El Salvador

  • José Shadan Chambilla Palomino, of the Diocese of Juli, Peru

  • Carlos Bladimir Corado Hernández, of the Diocese of Santa Ana, El Salvador

  • Jeus Jardin Pontigon, of the Diocese of Davao, Philippines

  • Lenin Darwin Leon, of the Diocese of Quilon, India

  • Rigal Mervil, of the Diocese of Hinche, Haiti

  • Paul Nsubuga, from the Diocese of Kampala, Uganda

  • Antonio Rodríguez Martínez, from the Diocese of Celaya, Mexico

  • José Manuel Salazar Carranza, from the Diocese of Santa Ana, El Salvador.

  • Álvaro Sánchez Sánchez, from the Diocese of Tehuacán, Mexico.

  • Edgar Sumadia Ponce, of the Diocese of Catarman, Philippines