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45 University students receive Global scholarships from Caja Rural de Navarra and FEUN

Registered in Navarra, the Basque Country and La Rioja, they will carry out international internships in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, the USA, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and Uganda.

PhotoManuelCastells/In the front row, María Iraburu, president of the University of Navarra, and Ignacio Terés Los Arcos, president of Caja Rural de Navarra, together with the scholarship students and their families who attended the ceremony.

18 | 05 | 2023

"Thank you for making more accessible this subject of international experiences that enrich us not only as professionals, but also as people", said Nerea Tornaría, 3rd year student of the Double Degree of Teaching in Education Primary Education and Pedagogy, on behalf of the 45 students of the University who have received this year the scholarship Global Internship Program, granted by Caja Rural de Navarra and Fundación business University of Navarra (FEUN).

The program encourages university students, born or registered in Navarre, the Basque Country or La Rioja, to carry out professional internships in non-EU countries. Nerea Tornaría was able to train at the high school North Davis Preparatory Academy in Layton, Utah, United States. The other destinations chosen by the scholarship recipients were: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, Panama, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Taiwan and Uganda.

At the ceremony of submission of the diplomas and signature of the renewal of agreement with the University, the president of Caja Rural de Navarra, Ignacio Terés Los Arcos, emphasized: "These scholarships are one of the collaborations that I like the most, because perhaps they will help you to live your first work experience outside Spain, and will help you to know new places, new people and new realities". In addition to this program, the entity supports the University with training projects through scholarships, the promotion of internship sports and volunteer activities activities, among others.

For her part, the University's president , María Iraburu, congratulated the scholarship recipients and highlighted the more than 25 years of relationship between the University of Navarra and Caja Rural de Navarra: "A few years ago, friendship was defined as that which allows us to reach where our strength cannot. Having friends means having an extended life, and this can be applied to our life staff and also to institutions. That is why, thanks to the commitment of specific people, we are able to maintain alliances like this one over time, which root us to our land and at the same time make us fly to other countries".

The scholarship recipients, registered in Navarra, the Basque Country or La Rioja, study at the School of Engineering - Tecnun (2), the School of Sciences (8), the School of Communication (1), the School of Economics and Business and Law (1), the School of Education and Psychology (3), the School of Nursing (10), the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition (1), the School of Philosophy and Letters (4), the School of Philosophy and Letters and Law (2) and the School of Medicine (13). The selection of scholarship recipients takes into account the academic transcript , the level of language of the host country, the curriculum and the quality of the internship offered by the host business .

An opportunity to grow

Although some students have already completed their internships, most of them will carry them out this summer, as is the case of Manuel Alegre, student of 5th year of Medicine, who will be trained in a hospital in New York: "I would like to learn how the health system works in the United States and then enrich my experience with a general vision of the medicine that is done in Spain. I think that those of us who receive these scholarships should be in a position to thank Caja Rural de Navarra and FEUN and also society in general for supporting us".

Thousands of miles away from Manuel, in Birmingham, Silvia Yoldi, a student in the 2nd year of the Nursing + International Nursing Program, will be training. "I'm going to go from living in a village of 30 inhabitants to a city where more than a million people live. So I guess this experience will bring me maturity and independence. This scholarship is a symbol of my family's effort and a reward for my academic efforts," said Silvia Yoldi.