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Manuel Quintanar: "Match-fixing has been detected in third division games".

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A moment of the intervention of the two speakers. PHOTO: Courtesy
18/11/14 13:52

"The intention to fix a match is a crime. Match-fixing does not only happen in the first division, it has also been detected in the third division". With these words Manuel Quintanar, director of Sports Integrity of the Professional Football League (LFP), addressed the students of the II specialist program in Sports Law.

Along with Manuel Quintanar, the fourth session of the course, entitled "Sports integrity and the market: fraud, rigging and sports corruption", was attended by Emilio Cortés, professor of Criminal Law at the University of Extremadura.

discussion paper The next session of the Sports Law Course, which will take place on January 16, will deal with "Sports Market and Brand Spain" and will be given by Francesc Pujol, professor at School of Economics at the University of Navarra and director of average Reputation & Intangible Cetre of the academic center.