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University students will reflect on the reconstruction of human relations at congress Forun

Adolfo Suárez delivered the inaugural address lectureon the lessons of the Spanish Transition.


18 | 11 | 2021

More than a hundred students gathered at the University of Navarra for the inauguration of the annual congressForun. This is a meetingthat brings together students from different disciplines who work on papers related to a topic. This year the reflection will revolve around degree scroll"Building together. The strength of human relationships".

The inaugural discussion paper, entitled "Construir entre todos. Lessons from the Spanish transition", was given by Adolfo Suárez, President of the Concordia y Libertad Foundation. In his speech, Suárez highlighted the spirit of the Transition as a solution for healing wounds and uniting citizens in times of upheaval. "The secret of coexistence lies in the Withdrawalto the maximum demand, in leaving room for discussion," he said.

Suárez spoke of illusion, in its three meanings, as the best way to face the reconstruction of human relations. Illusion as a synonym of hope; as an engine of change that financial aidovercomes difficulties in life and as the capacity to imagine a better future, because it is worth fighting for.

He also stressed that only on the basis of principles is it possible to "clear one's fears, complexes and fears in order to raise one's voice and defend what is reasonable and fundamental". "Those who work by renouncing their principles are allowing others to impose theirs. Participate: do not allow them to build your future without you," he told the students.

Participants in Forun will present papers in the format of poster, video or artistic modality. The latter modalityis a new feature of this course, at partnershipwith the University Museum's Campus Creativo, in which students will use techniques from the art of painting, sculpture or photography.

The congressForun will end in March, when the students will present their work and present the main ideas. It is a point of meetingbetween students and teachers who reflect on university values and issues affecting contemporary societies, as explained Assumpta Chacón, 4th year student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics and coordinator of the committeeorganiser of congress. The initiative is based on the idea that the university years are a time of intellectual learning, but also of commitment staffto improving society.