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Tecnun students present the 14th edition of the Youth Solidarity Concert

Organized by the high school Mayor Ayete and starring the Orfeón Donostiarra and Musikene, will take place on February 4 at the Kursaal.

FotoCedida/AinaraGarcía, José Ramón Aramendi , Julio Herrero and Jesús Olmedilla at Hotzaldi during the presentation.

19 | 01 | 2023

The high school Mayor Ayete has presented the 14th edition of the Youth Solidarity Concert. With the Orfeón Donostiarra and Musikene, it will take place next February 4, Friday, at 1900h, at the Kursaal, for the benefit of Caritas Gipuzkoa.

This social action, which is organized by the university students of Tecnun and residents of high school Mayor Ayete, is aimed at goal to help the area homeless shelter of Caritas Gipuzkoa. Specifically, the funds will go to Hotzaldi, project which is in charge of providing night shelter for the homeless at accommodation and whose aim is to offer decent conditions at accommodation .

The director of Cáritas Gipuzkoa, José Ramón Aramendiexpressed his gratitude for the "submission of the people of Gipuzkoa": "I have spent ten years as director, ten years giving thanks and in which I have seen many students who, with enthusiasm, fill the auditorium and surprise us with spectacular concerts", he said. He has also appealed to the young people of the city. "It is a concert of them and for them and we want to convey that we have great need and the doors open every day of the year".

The director of the high school Mayor Ayete, Julio Herrero, emphasized the social, cultural and collegial purpose of this concert. "financial aid for young people to get involved with people who suffer and reach out to other young people, and in addition to the learning that it means for a university student to lead the organization of a concert, we want to contribute our bit to the culture of San Sebastian," he explained. On this occasion, the Orfeón Donostiarra and the Musikene percussion group will perform the work "Carmina Burana", which 80 years after it was composed, continues to sound in the most renowned halls in the world. The event will be conducted by José Antonio Sainz Alfaro and with Jon Urdapilleta and Teodora Oprisor at the piano.

"The concert awakens a sensitivity that financial aid us to get closer to the forgotten people," said the Tecnun student and organizer of the concert, Jesus Olmedilla.  The engineering student has expressed that they organize it with "great effort" and with the illusion of making society aware of the situations of "inequality", as well as helping to cover some of Hotzaldi's needs..

Ainara Garcíamanager of Hotzaldi, thanked the work for the initiative and specialization program for the "warmth" provided by the volunteers accompanying people at status on the street, "without shelter" and "without a family to turn to".

Noteworthy is the sponsorship of ACUNSA, the RAC Vasco Navarro and CAF. Tickets cost 20 and 25 euros and are available on the web or at locker of the Kursaal, as well as in the high school Mayor Ayete. There is also a zero row.

Tickets can be purchased at this link.