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University organizes sessions to raise awareness of substance use and addiction disorders

The School de Enfermería and the School of Architecture participate in this second edition of project 'Preaddiction'.

FotoManuelCastells/María Villanueva, professor of Architecture, and Idoia Pardavila, professor of Nursing.

19 | 01 | 2023

The School of Nursing and the School of Architecture organize the second edition of the project Preaddictionby creating a campus caring, for the prevention of substance use and other addictions in society. The innovation project professor is part of a research led by the following teachers Idoia Pardavilafrom School de Enfermería, Anitor Acilu y Maria Villanuevafrom School of Architecture. In addition, it also has a approach from Service-Learning at promote the training of student body, from the knowledge of real experiences, favoring the creation of healthy environments.

Preaddiction seeks to create a partnership multidisciplinaryamong the students of the Degree in Nursing and of the Degree in Design of the School of Architecture, for creating and developing prevention actions and interactions for substance-related disorders and other addictions such as pornography, excessive use of mobile or video games. It combines the specific knowledge on the prevention of consumption, with the methods and applied tools of the discipline of design of Products. For the creation of the activities also collaborated the classroom Healthy from School of Nursing, Tantakathe Clinica Universidad de Navarra and the association ANTOX.

The first meeting will be on January 23, at School of Architecture, and will feature the testimony of ANTOX patients in substance use. The second roundtable will be on February 13 at the auditorium of Sciences Building, which will talk about the testimony and experience of professionals who treat patients who use substances, and the last one will be on April 24 at the auditorium of CIMA, where patients and professionals will discuss disorders that are not caused by substances. All of them will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and are open to the general public.

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