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Nine University graduates, awarded grants by the Regional Government for work experience in non-EU countries

Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Israel and Australia are the destinations in which they will complement their training

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Eight of the nine scholarship graduates. From left to right, top: Maite Alzueta Pérez, Amaia Ansó Miqueleiz, Uxue Aristu Mañu, Maite García Roldán; bottom: Carlos Luri Rey, Isabel Rodríguez Maisterra, Alegría Sanchis Serrano and Julen Torrens Baile. The ninth graduate with a scholarship is Eider Exteberria Nieto. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
19/12/19 14:09 Beatriz Diaz

A research on cancer in Australia, the development of multimedia content in a museum in Israel, or the conservation of a species of owl in Hawaii are some of the projects to be developed by nine graduates of the University of Navarra who have been awarded scholarships by the Government of Navarra. Specifically, they have been selected to carry out internships in non-EU countries thanks to a program of training framed in the International Plan of Navarra (PIN) 2017-2020The program is aimed at recent graduates linked to Navarra.

Four graduates from the School of Sciences, two from the School of Architecture, two from the School of Philosophy and Letters and one from the School of Communication will complement their training for six months in Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Israel and Australia. The scholarship recipients will begin their internships between December 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020 and will carry them out in companies, NGOs and centers of research.

Projects around the globe

The grantees will develop their projects in different parts of the world, improving their professional skills and work in international multidisciplinary groups.

Carlos Luri Rey, graduate in Biology, will be trained in Brisbane (Australia), at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, and will develop his work at the laboratory Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunoregulation, directed by Dr. Michele Teng. "The research I will focus on evaluating the role of different immune cells in the tumor microenvironment," explains Carlos Luri.

Julen TorrensAlso in the field of biology, Julen Torrens Baile will apply his knowledge at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. focusing on the conservation of an endemic owl species that is in danger of extinction. It is the same project in which Alba Rípodas Melero participated.another graduate in Biology with a bonus from the scholarship PIN last year.

Maite GarciaFor her part, the Biology graduate Maite García Roldán to travel to Ecuador to start up with the Indoamerica Technological University a captive fish breeding program. "They are of interest for aquatics and the goal of project is to provide another source of income to the rural community in the area," explains Maite Garcia. She will also do her internship at the same university. Eider Etxeberria Nieto, graduate in Biology and Environmental Sciences.I will work in a rural community mapping water resources with the participation of its inhabitants. "I will develop strategies for the appropriate management of this resource, responding to the existing problems of water scarcity and pollution," says Eider Etxeberria.

Isabel Rodríguez Maisterra, a graduate in History and Journalism, will do an internship at a Saxum Visitor Center, a multimedia historical-archaeological museum about the Holy Land located on the outskirts of Jerusalem (Israel). "They relate the events of the Scriptures to their historical context, and explain the evolution that the Holy Places have undergone through the centuries up to the present day," says Isabel Rodríguez.

Maite AlzuetaHe will also carry out his training in the field of literature. Maite Alzueta Pérez, graduate in Historyyou will learn in the Hispanic Society of America from New York: "I think this experience can be very beneficial, both in terms of work and staff. On the one hand, it is a great opportunity, as doing an international internship less than half a year after finishing my degree program is quite an achievement. Also, it is a great step for employment rate, which can be very complicated nowadays, and receiving a scholarship from the Government of Navarra is a plus in any resume".

Alegría Sanchís Serrano, a graduate in Audiovisual Communication, will also travel to New York to do an internship at The OpEd Project. "This organization financial aid women and people of color to find their voice. I will work at department in Marketing and Communication creating a bookshop of videos from training for their facilitators, I will manage their social networks, and we will create a podcast series in which we will interview leaders of social change," explains Alegría Sanchís.

Architecture graduates Amaia Ansó Miqueleiz and Uxue Aristu Mañu will travel together to Santiago de Chile for an internship at Mas Fernández Arquitectos, where they will contribute to "development of projects both in the office and on site".