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The documentary series of project "Valete Vos Viatores", from the University of Navarra, will be broadcasted in the program "La aventura del saber", on RTVE's La 2.

Produced by business Clau Creative Services S.L, it stars Ane Urrizburu from Pamplona.

FotoCedida/JavierAndreu, director of Diploma in Archaeology of the University of Navarra, and Ane Urrizburu, student of History, Archaeology and Journalism of the academic center, in front of the funerary monument of the Atilios de Sádaba (Zaragoza).

20 | 09 | 2022

Tomorrow, Wednesday 21, the first chapter of the documentary series "Valete vos viatores: from Portugal to Rome", an audiovisual on Roman epigraphy coordinated by the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University and directed and produced by Clau Creative Services S.L., thanks to the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union, will be broadcasted in the program "La aventura del saber" of La 2 of RTVE. After its broadcast, the public channel will provide access to the documentary at section "A la carte" on its website.

During four chapters, Ane Urrizburu from Pamplona, student of Degree in History and Journalism and of Diploma in Archaeology at School, and protagonist of the documentary, travels from ancient Lusitania (Portugal) to the capital of the Empire, Rome, passing through Gaul (France) and Hispania (Spain), to show the viewer the secrets and history of Roman inscriptions, a fundamental means of communication of the time.

Along with great sites and lapidaries in Europe, such as civitas Igaeditanorum (Idanha a Velha), Burdigala (Bordeaux), or the museums of Aquitaine and the National Roman Museum, one of the chapters focuses on the epigraphic heritage of two Roman cities in our environment: Santa Criz de Eslava (Navarra) and Los Bañales de Uncastillo (Zaragoza), in whose research and recovery students from the School of Philosophy and Letters of the academic center that also directs both scientific projects collaborate annually.

This audiovisual is one of the results of the project "Valete vos Viatores: a journey through the Roman Empire through the inscriptions" that the School of Philosophy and Letters launched in early 2021, in partnership with the universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Bordeaux (France), La Sapienza (Italy), the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, Trahelium Studio, Clau Creative Services S.L., and the museums of Aquitaine and the National Roman Museum. In the framework of the project, a video game has also been released and in the coming weeks a final publication will be edited that will collect the experience in the application of the Humanities Digital to the study of Roman inscriptions and the transfer to society of its main values.

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