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Interprofessional simulation experience in Brussels

A group of students and a professor from School of Nursing participated in a simulation conference in the Belgian capital.

20 | 09 | 2023

Third and fourth year nursing students and a professor of the Nursing Simulation Center have participated in a simulation learning conference in Brussels. In addition, in these conference, organized at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Lucía Healy Montalvo, María San Román Romerales, Carlota García de Lomas Gómez, Verónica Nuemann Medina and Laura Grávalos Armendáriz, accompanied by Professor Almudena Castillo, have been able to share learning experiences with simulation and serious games with other colleagues and colleagues from the organizing center and the Université Paris Cité.

The sessions, organized in different clinical scenarios (on site and virtual) have been a great learning experience, as Grávalos points out: "This experience has been very enriching as we have put in internship, in emergency situations, the non-technical skills -softskills- taking into account the patient-centered care and the work teamwork, in this case between midwives, nurses and doctors".

"I think this stay in Brussels has given the students the opportunity to work interprofessionally with other cultures and to put the person at the center of care," Castillo says.  

project Eramus +

The goal of this project of which the School of Nursing, led by Professor and Vice-Dean Virginia La Rosa, is part, is the acquisition of non-technical skills such as person-centered care and team work in the context of obstetric emergencies.

In addition to the centers in Navarra, Belgium and Paris, other centers such as the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Université de Lausanne are also participating.