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Professor Nuria Garro's thesis and Maitane Alejos's work fin de Degree , Tomás Belzunegui Awards

The professor's research was recognized in the category of award thesis doctoral and the student's work received an award in the section of Final Projects. Degree

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The winners of this edition of the Tomás Belzunegui awards. PHOTO: Courtesy
20/12/16 14:28 Nagore Gil

This year, award Tomás Belzunegui 2016 has distinguished with 8 awards and 7 runners-up prizes the work carried out by 13 people for promoting the positive image of the elderly in society. In this edition, 55 works were submitted, a much higher number than in previous years. The award in the category of thesis doctoral was awarded to the professor of the School of Education and Psychology Nuria Garro Gil for the research The caregiving relationship in the family, defended in June 2014 with A cum laude. This work aims to justify and value the role of family caregivers from a sociological point of view, highlighting the benefits of caregiving for individuals, the families themselves and society in general.

Also, the work end of Degree of the student of the same School, Maitane Alejos, graduate Los beneficios de la figura del abuelo en la Education infantile, defended in May 2016 and directed by Professor Garro, was recognized with an accreditation. In this work, it offers a vision of the family as the main area of socialization focusing attention on its relationships and functions from the sociological point of view and its influence on the socialization of the child, especially in the period 0-6 years. Specifically, the figure of the grandparent is analyzed as one of the main agents involved -together with the parents- in the care and Education of children.

The award is organized every year by the Navarra Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology at national level, and this year's submission event took place on Thursday, December 15 at the Palacio Condestable in Pamplona.