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First workshop of Inclusive Sport Sport and Disability: a driving force for social inclusion

"We want these conference to be repeated and get bigger every year."

21 | 04 | 2023

Last Wednesday, the School of Education and Psychologycelebrated the first edition of the Inclusive Sports Day, a workshop that brought together more than 50 students of the mentions of Education Physical and Attention to diversity, and 37 athletes from high school Isterria and the ASPACE organization. These conference aimed topromote inclusive sports internship and raise awareness among participants about the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports.

During the morning, the students of the School students from Isterria and Aspace were received at sports center. There, they carried out different activities and games. In the words of Armand Ortiz, student of the accredited specialization of Education Física "we want these conference to be repeated and to become bigger every year".

Inclusive Sports Day 2023

This initiative, which emerged as an innovation project professor , led by Apolinar Varela and Leyre Gambra, aims to be a tool to raise awareness of the importance of sport and Education towards a more inclusive society. 

On the same Wednesday afternoon, the second edition of the workshop was held, with the participation of Miguel Ochoa, from Aspace, Santiago Aldaz, from Anfas, and Begoña Echeverría, from high school Navarre Sports. In addition, athletes such as Adriana Acasso Barbería, from Horse Dressage, Juan José Fuertes, from Swimming, and Cristina Gay, from Wheelchair Slalom and Boccia, as well as students and teachers from the School participated in the workshop.

Governmental institutions and non-profit associations have developed specialized programs to help people with disabilities improve their lives and those of their families through sports. The representatives of the institutions agreed on the need for the new generations to be the promoters of true inclusion. 

We would like to thank the sponsors who collaborated to make workshop even better: Aspace, Anfas, Isterría, high school Navarre of Sport, CaixaBank, King, Pepsico, Lacturale y Florette.