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The University launches a Master's Degree in sustainability

It is a interdisciplinary program that begins in the 2024-2025 academic year.

PhotoManuelCastells/Javier Arellano, director academic Master's Degree, and Alberto Andreu, director program executive.

The University of Navarra launches Master's Degree in sustainability. Of an interdisciplinary nature, it will be launched next academic year 2024-25 at campus in Madrid and is led by the School of Economics with the partnership of the School of Engineering-Tecnun, the School of Architecture, and the Schools of Science, Law and Communication.

The Master's Degree arises in response to the growing demand from companies seeking professionals trained in sustainability. As indicated by Alberto Andreu, director executive of Master's Degree, "the program has as goal train to the participants, with a rigorous scientific, technical and internship approach, in environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects that arise from the new regulatory demands in this field and the opportunities offered by the transformation towards more sustainable models".

Along these lines, according to Andreu, Europe has opted for a competitive model based on sustainability, which will require, in this decade, "an investment of close to 180,000 million euros and will entail an extraordinary disruption in all professions and in all sectors, with a very important role for the financial sector". This, he points out, "offers enormous professional opportunities, which is reflected in the fact that, according to some reports, recruitment of 'sustainable talent' has grown by nearly 40% in recent years," fees .

Hand in hand with the companies

The Master's Degree in sustainability is aimed at graduates and professionals in the areas of Science, Communication, Economics, Architecture, Engineering or Law. As Javier Arellano, director academic of the program, points out, the Master's Degree "aims to transmit a vision of sustainability based on Christian anthropology and to highlight the contribution that companies can make from a management manager and innovative at the service of the common good".

In this sense, the program aims to train people who know how to identify and assess the impact of the risks and opportunities facing companies in the new environment. Professionals, says Arellano, "who also understand the technological changes, the new ways of doing things and the adjustments in business models that companies in different sectors must undertake in their transition to a more social and human Economics committed to respecting the environment and caring for people".

With teachers from the Schools involved, the Master's Degree also includes professionals from organizations such as Acciona, Atresmedia, BBVA, EFRAG, EY, KPMG, ONCE, Pascual, PWC, Spainsif, Telefónica and Willis Towers Watson (WTW), among others, at academic staff.

With respect to Study program, it is structured in four modules core topic: Fundamental, Transversal, Vertical (ESG), and Sectorial + project End of Master's Degree, which is inspired by the model of management that is being implemented in companies as a consequence of the development of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) of the European Union.

The Master's Degree is part of the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra, which aims to contribute to sustainable social development , starting from the care of people and the environment, and through the interdisciplinary and applied research , the training of the youngest and the transfer of knowledge to society.

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