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Intimate partner violence, mediation, technology use and mental health in young people, topics of the resident researchers of the challenge ICS 22-23

Gonzalo Arrondo, Alfonso Osorio, Javier García Manglano and Inés Olza presented in the Institute for Culture and Society research projects focused on the psychological wellbeing of young people.

/From left to right, the resident and visiting researchers of the challenge ICS 2022-2023: Gonzalo Arrondo, Kleio Akrivou, Javier García Manglano, Inés Olza, Gemma Mestre and Yeslam Al-Saggaf.

21 | 12 | 2022

Researchers Gonzalo Arrondo, Alfonso Osorio,Javier García Manglano and Inés Olza presented the projects they will develop at the framework of the challenge 2022-2023 of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra, graduate 'Youth, relationships and psychological well-being'. They will carry them out in partnership with other experts from the ICS, as well as with other specialists from campus and other Spanish and international institutions and academic centers.

Specifically, Gonzalo Arrondo, from group 'Mind-Brain', will coordinate three meta-analyses. One will deal with the relationship between ADHD and intimate partner violence; another on the prevalence of mental illness in university students; and the last will seek to analyze loneliness and behavioral addiction disorders. 

For his part, Alfonso Osorio, researcher main group 'Education of affectivity and human sexuality', will lead a project on adolescent partner violence. This seeks to understand how these situations occur, with what frequency and what factors promote it or can help prevent it. 

Likewise, Javier García Manglano's team, researcher main group 'Youth in transition', will focus on two aspects: the transition to adulthood and the positive development in adolescents, on the one hand; and the relationship of young people with technology, on the other. 

Inés Olza, co-principal investigator of group 'Vínculos, creatividad y cultura', will direct a project that has as goal to understand and analyze mediation contexts in which adolescents or young people participate more habitually, especially in the school environment and also in the penal one. He will focus on the role and interactive strategies of each of the parties and the pragmatic-interactive strategies of mediation professionals.

Projects of visiting researchers

These projects are in addition to those to be developed by the three visiting researchers of challenge 2022-2023: Kleio Akrivou, from the University of Reading (United Kingdom); Yeslam Al-Saggaf, from Charles Sturt University (Australia); and Gemma Mestre, from the International University of La Rioja. They will discuss The development of identity, the phenomenon of phubbing (ignoring the interlocutor by looking at the cell phone) and behavioral addictions in young people.

The challenge ICS is a topic of research of high academic impact and social interest, proposed by the researchers themselves, which will be focused on for a period of time. The challenge 2022-2023 studies psychological well-being in adolescence and youth. It is approached from an interdisciplinary perspective that takes into account anthropology, sociology, linguistics, psychology and epidemiology, as well as any other discipline that can contribute new approaches to the study of this period.

The challenge ICS 2022-2023 is aligned with the University of Navarra's Strategy 2025 > 'Health and Wellness'. The goal of this line is to make the University a place where study and work can be combined with a healthy lifestyle, as well as to work together with other centers and organizations to contribute to promote a culture of health in society.