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Tecnun celebrated the Day of the patron saint

Sports, beach bars, solidarity and live music to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph

22 | 03 | 2024

Tecnun celebrated last 18th, the eve of St. Joseph's Day, the day of its patron saint, in the facilities of campus in Ibaeta, San Sebastian. Organized by the delegates, the aim of goal was for teachers, employees and students to enjoy a special day for Tecnun. The students in charge of making sure everything went smoothly were: Adrián Fernández Cuevas, Bernardo Pastrana, Celina Genc, Felipe Sevillano, Francisco Cervera, Gorka Logroño, Ignacio Belzunce, Iker Vallejo, Inés López Orero, Inés Pineda, Isabel Guerra, Iván Barbado, Jacabo Posada, Javier Guijarro, Jesús Bandrés, Juan Fernando Salvador Morla, Juan Pablo Queralt, Lore Baird, Pablo Constantino López Madrazo, Luis Montal, Lucas García-Rosado, María Linares, María Peña, Nora Aguinaga, Paula Pasquín, Pedro Romero, Santiago Ayala, Sebastián Rodríguez Romero and Teresa Galán.. In addition, from the subdirección de Estudiantes, Rocío Núñez and Elena Vadillo supervised that everything went according to plan.

The workshop started with a mass in the chapel of Ibaeta, officiated by the chaplain Toché Marín, which was accompanied by the singing of several students such as Iñigo Moreno, Iñigo Ganuza, Laura Cid, Loreto Viñeta or Juliana Solórzano.

This was followed by a floral offering to the Virgin and, at average morning, the different sports activities began, such as the mus, basketball, table soccer and volleyball tournaments, among others. The sports center of Tecnun was the scene of one of the most successful activities: the soccer match conference room between teachers and students in which the teachers won 5-1. In addition, many students cooked arepas, potato omelets, paella, hamburgers or crepes, which both students and teachers and staff no professor of administration and services of the School and Ceit enjoyed at noon.

This year, employees Itziar Cobo, Ana Moreno, Xabier Insausti and Manuel Sánchez evaluated the culinary quality of the chiringuitos. The workshop was set with live music thanks to group "VI de Copas", composed by Javi Azcona, Jose Fraile, Puy Casado, Ivan Etchegoin, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Juan de Carlos; as well as the group "Fila 0", with the artists Iñigo Ganuza, Antonio Palomino, Gabriel Rubi, Alejandro Yangali and Tomás Saumell.

At the end of the concert, Professor Iñigo Gutiérrez presented the prizes to the winners of the activities. Then the student Enrique Montal, organizer of the solidarity activity "For another smile, run against cancer", took the stage to recall this initiative that will take place on April 12,13 and 14, in Donostia, in benefit of the association Against Cancer in Gipuzkoa.