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Twelve University master's degrees are among the best in Spain, according to the 'ranking' of 'El Mundo'.

In first place are the postgraduate courses of research and development+I of Medicines, Political and Corporate Communication, and Fashion Business Management.

FotoManuelCastells/Twelve master's degrees at the University of Navarra are among the best in Spain in the "El Mundo" ranking, three of them in first place. In the photo, students of Master's Degree at the postgraduate program headquarters of the academic center in Madrid.

22 | 06 | 2023

Twelve master's degrees from the University of Navarra are among the best of their specialization program in Spain, according to the latest ranking published by El Mundo. The newspaper analyzes the opinions of more than 800 experts, professors, alumni and business leaders, and lists the 250 best programs, among more than a thousand degrees offered by universities and other centers.

Of the twelve master's degrees at the University of Navarra included this year, three occupy first place in their respective areas. This is the Master's Degree in research, development and Innovation of Medicines, which once again leads the specialization program of Pharmacy. The ranking underlines its employment rate and the close relationship it maintains with companies, which on many occasions "resort to its instructions of data to hire staff".

The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication, which includes a one-month stay in Washington (United States) and a one-week stay in Brussels, also remains first in its category. In addition, the Master's Degree Executive in Fashion Business Management, taught by ISEM, reaffirms its first place in Spain. The ranking highlights the integrated perspective with which the subjects are approached, which places the student in a real environment.

In second place are the Master's Degree in management of Communication Companies and the Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention; and in third place, the Master's Degree in Architectural Theory and design , and the Master's Degree in advisory service Fiscal. In turn, the Access to the Legal Profession, Economics and Finance, and the Personnel Management Service are in fourth place. Also in this position is Master's Degree in programs of study in Curatorship, which is offered by the University of Navarra Museum and which is included in the ranking for the first time. Finally, the Master's Degree in Nutrition and Metabolism (E-MENU) is in fifth place.

IESE: training for business leaders

El Mundo also includes an MBA guide , in which it places IESE at the forefront in the training of business leaders. It highlights the quality of its MBA, recognized worldwide for, among other reasons, "an international experience that broadens horizons and its approach in the development entrepreneurial mindset that encourages students to innovate and excel wherever they work. At the same time, it underlines its holisticapproach of sustainability and business manager .