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ICS experts analyse different approaches to the mind-brain problem in the latest issue of the journal Scientia et Fides

They are Miguel García-Valdecasas, Nathaniel Barrett, José Víctor Orón and collaborators Luis Echarte, Gloria del Carmen Balderas and José Manuel Giménez-Amaya.

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23/01/15 16:41 ICS

Several experts of the group Mind-Brain of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) publish papers in the new issue of the interdisciplinary journal Scientia et Fides. This biannual publication has as goal to publicize, in a rigorous way, the work of research that is carried out in the field of relations between science and religion.

The researcher Miguel García-Valdecasas is the author of the article 'A. Kenny's Metaphysics of Mind: 25 Years Later'. Likewise, PhD student José Víctor Orón has written ' '.Neuroscience and faith: The belief system as a place of interdisciplinary meeting '.

Several collaborators of this project of the ICS have also published papers. Gloria del Carmen Balderas Rosas has produced 'Homunculi, the mereological fallacy and crypto-dualism. Two dilemmas for the intentional stance.'; José Manuel Giménez-Amaya, director of group of research 'Science, reason and faith'. (CRYF), is the author, together with Sergio Sánchez-Migallón, of ' '; and Luis Echarte has written 'Phenomenological analysis of the emotional life and a note on its neurobiological correlation'; and Luis Echarte has written 'Teleological markers: Seven lines of hypotheses around Dennett's theory of habits'.

Finally, researcher Nathaniel Barrett has made a review of Wayne Wu's Attention (2014).

Scientia et Fides is offered with free access to its contents through the open access digital platform of the University of Torun. Some of them are in Polish, others in English and others in Spanish. It is worth mentioning that its Deputy Director is Javier Sánchez Cañizares, researcher of the ICS and professor of the School Ecclesiastical Philosophy.

The group 'Mente-cerebro' of the ICS receives funding from the Obra Social "La Caixa"..

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