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The challenge for companies: to make employees fall in love and retain talent

Human Resources Directors address the model of management Employee Centricity at a Career Services University of Navarra event.

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PHOTO: Mariaje Ruiz
23/02/18 16:04 Blanca Rodriguez

Human resources are facing the challenge challenge of making employees fall in love, core topic of Employee Centricity, which consists of placing them at the center of their strategies. But it is not the only challenge, as companies are also engaged in a "talent war", where they compete to attract and retain the best people.

"We are in a world of immediacy, information and intolerance. The new generations are nonconformist and this generates new needs in the world of business. We have to focus on what each employee needs and those who do not change will lose talent," said EY's Human Resources director , José Luis Risco.

He did so at the 'Employee Centricity' event at Career Services University of Navarra, where the HR directors of Douglas, Teresa Cervera, and Sodexo, Cristina Virseda, also attended quotation . The session was moderated by the founder and director of the Human Resources Forum, Francisco García Cabello.

If we are able to generate positive experiences in our employees, it will return in the customer experience," said Cristina Virseda. We have to understand what our professionals expect and segment the solutions. It is a challenge because at the end of the day, what we are concerned about is attracting, retaining and motivating the best people".

Likewise, the Human Resources Director at Douglas agreed that companies are fighting a war for talent and that the labor market is transforming in response to the needs of digitalization and a new generation: "Millennials have no problem speaking their minds. They are the ones who decide where to work and under what conditions."

Teresa Cervera stressed that "the university training should focus on skills and behaviors". This perspective concluded José Luis Risco: "The talent equation is attitude, responsibility, values and knowledge and, to a large extent, depends on oneself".