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"The Master's Degree at research Biomedical has made the means and knowledge available so that I can be one step closer to working in what I am passionate about."

Silvia Cadenas de Miguel, alumna of Biochemistry (2019) and Master's Degree in research Biomedical (2020), will continue her research in cancer in Belgium.

Cedida/Silvia Cadenas, former student at School de Ciencias

23 | 02 | 2021

Silvia Cadenas de Miguel, a former student of Biochemistry (biomedical) at the University of Navarra, is passionate about running popular races. If sport is one of her passions, another vocation is biomedicine. research biomedicine. This 23-year-old from Pamplona was very clear from a very young age that she wanted to dedicate herself to the study of molecular biology, thanks to the science professors who gave her class at high school Larraona. "I finished high school with the dream of one day becoming a scientist, dedicating myself to researching cancer and helping to find a cure". 

Silvia began her degree program of Biochemistry (biomedical) at the University of Navarra because she was passionate about "everything related to molecular biology, the Genetics and the study of diseases" and when she finished her programs of study at Degree she started her research in cancer. Master's Degree in research Biomedical (MIB) at specialization program in cancer. "I was very clear that I wanted to dedicate my life to researching this disease because I believe it is essential to find a cure as soon as possible."

Cadenas emphasizes the comprehensive training received at the Master's Degreeand especially underlines the solid training internship - "in which techniques or methods that are being used at research in oncologyare introduced"- as well as the possibility of specializing in a specific area of the research in biomedicine.

Another of the issues pointed out by this scientist from Navarra is the possibility of doing the TFM at the CIMA University of Navarra or abroad, thanks to the agreements that the University of Navarra has with different companies, laboratories and universities. "I had the opportunity to do the TFM in Leuven (Belgium), in a great laboratory. Thanks to this experience, I will be able to fill in the thesis in the same city. This Master's Degree has made the means and knowledge available so that I can be one step closer to working on what I am passionate about." 

Relationships with colleagues and accessibility to the professors at Master's Degree is another of the issues that Silvia values positively from her time at the MIB. "Most of the professors are researchers from CIMA or from the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and they offer their financial aid opening many doors to anyone who is willing to learn and improve", she adds.

Silvia Cadenas starts next year her doctoralthesis at the University of KU Leuven in Leuven (Belgium), in a group of research which studies the role of metabolism in immune and tumor cells. "I intend to look for new strategies to enhance the action of these immune cells against tumor cells, which can also be used in combination with immunotherapy treatment," he concludes.