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Back to 2016_3_22 TEO Noticia El Instituto Superior de Ciencias Religiosas publica "Escritos Paulinos"

The high school Superior of Religious Sciences publishes "Pauline Writings".

This is the fifth volume of the collection of philosophical and theological textbooks.

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Professor Juan Luis Caballero PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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Cover of the book "Pauline Writings PHOTO: Courtesy
23/03/16 08:55 Fina Trèmols Garanger

The University of Navarra has published "Pauline Writings," the fifth volume of the "ISCR Manuals Collection," published by EUNSA. The book consists of eighteen chapters that deal with the fourteen books of the New Testament that have been handed down to us as a collection under the authorship of the Apostle Paul. In addition to practical exercises, it offers bibliography where one can expand on the knowledge acquired. Its author is Juan Luis Caballero, professor of New Testament at the School of Theology of the University of Navarra and member of the committee publishing house of the journal Scripta Theologica.

In the presentation, the author comments that with this guide he intends to "provide the minimum necessary keys for a first reading and understanding of their content and of the theology that underlies them". In this sense, "lines of composition and thought are made explicit, taking as a basis the texts as they have come down to us".

Juan Luis Caballero explains that "the bulk of guide is made up of chapters 4-17. In them the fourteen Pauline writings are studied, one by one, according to a similar basic outline ; occasion of the letter, structure and content, teaching. The letters are approached in the order in which they are usually considered to have been written, which is different from the order in which they appear in the Bibles."

The "ISCR Manuals Collection" aims to make the Christian training compatible with a high professional quality; to this end it has the academic support of the Schools Ecclesiastical of the University of Navarra. The other titles published in this collection are: "Introduction to Theology","Ethics", "Mariology" and "Philosophy of Science".