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The School of Philosophy and Letters celebrates the Day of the patron saint

Among other activities, Juan Arana gave the master class and Mercedes Jover, director of the Museum of Navarre, was awarded the scholarship of Honour.

PhotoManuelCastells/Lourdes Flamarique, Juan Arana, Julia Pavón and Javier Andreu during the academic act that took place at the classroom Magna del Central Building

24 | 02 | 2022

Students, professors and other professionals of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra have celebrated the day of their patron saint, Saint Isidore of Seville. The workshop began at 10 a.m., with a mass celebrated at the chapel of the Amigos Building. At 12 noon, in the classroom Magna of the Central Building, the academic act took place, presided over by the dean of the School, Julia Pavón

Juan Arana, Full Professor of Philosophy of the University of Seville and member of committee advisor of the new Master's Degree in Christianity and Contemporary Culture, gave the inaugural lecture. Under the degree scroll "The future of the Humanities", Professor Arana addressed the challenges facing this discipline, ensuring that "to claim its importance and its future, we must be sure of it and believe in what we are doing". He also pointed out that a hopeful and bright future for Humanities depends on there being "many very good humanists, with coherence between what is preached and what is practiced, with a critical spirit, and subject to a strict deontology, marked by a commitment to truth and goodness".

In his exhibition, Professor Arana pointed out two dangers facing the Humanities. On the one hand, "the commoditization to which they have been subjected", on the other, "the bureaucracy and the institutional, regulatory and administrative issues to which we have been screwed". The Full Professor also affirmed that, "although it is sad to say, if the Humanities is not in crisis, so is the humanistic training ". In the face of this, he assured that "the humanistic programs of study will rise from the ashes": "Their values are sustained by dignity and freedom, so I doubt that the future of the Humanities is in danger".

This was followed by the submission of the extraordinary prizes of Degree and doctorate. The award winners were: Jordi Fernández Gel, graduate en Philosophy; Daniela Silva, graduated in Humanities; Edurne Garde, graduate in Philology; Javier Larequi, graduate in History, who spoke on behalf of the winners; María Fernanda Treviño, graduate in Literature and Creative Writing (LEC); María Guibert, PhD in Philosophy; and Santiago de Navascués, PhD in Arts and Humanities. During the ceremony, submission was also presented with the first scholarship of Honour of the School to Mercedes Jover, director of the Museum of Navarre, "to express our gratitude", as the dean pointed out. In her speech, Jover said she was "absolutely thrilled and grateful for this recognition from the School, whose activity professor has been a source of happiness for me source ".

After lunch, the attendees enjoyed a talent show in which the students demonstrated that they are great artists. The workshop, which ended with a "Kahoot" and a gymkhana around the campus, was also an opportunity to help "project Uganda", with which Tantaka collaborates, through the purchase of T-shirts from School and other merchandising products.