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4th grade students from Chemistry visit Huntsman's facilities.

24 | 04 | 2023

A group of fourth year students of Degree at Chemistry have visited the Pamplona headquarters of business HuntsmanAdvanced Materials Spain, a global company Chemistry that manufactures basic components for numerous industrial and consumer products.

The visit focused on chemical plant safety, so students attended a lesson internship on different protection elements applied at business before touring some of the different areas: reception of raw materials, conference room control, manufacturing lines and storeroom of finished products.

This training visit is part of the subject of Projects at Chemistry taught by Professor Javier Peñas. "Safety in chemical plants is a topic that, despite its enormous relevance in the operation of an industrial facility, is hardly addressed during the Degree. The fact that students see for themselves its application in real situations serves to reinforce what is explained at class," says Dr. Peñas.

Huntsman Corporation is a U.S. multinational company - present in some thirty countries on five continents - with more than sixty manufacturing facilities, research and development, and employs nearly 7,000 workers.