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The University celebrates the University Sports Gala

The students who participated in different competitions, the Cleaning Service and the former Vice President Tomás Gómez-Acebo have been recognized.

24 | 04 | 2023

The University of Navarra held last Friday, April 21, the University Sports Gala, an event to recognize the students and centers that have been most involved in the activities of the University of Navarra. Sports Service.

The event, which took place at the classroom Magna of Central Building, was chaired by Rosalía Baena, Vice President for Students. In her speech, she pointed out that "it is important to remember that playing sports is not just an outlet or entertainment, but is part of the student's integral training , of that Education transforming that we have set out to achieve at the University. Sports, together with volunteer activities, spiritual life, culture, form part of the great pillars of the student's experience during his or her time at the University".

This was followed by the awards ceremony at submission . The students who are finishing their courses this year programs of study and who have participated in the different sports teams of the University, as well as those students who have been part of the Sports Talent Program during their time at university received a accredited specialization. Also, at the Gala, awards were given to the School of Economics, for its victory in absolute terms and for its participation in the Trophy president, and to the Belagua, for being the center with the highest score in the Trophy. high school Mayor Belagua, for being the center with the most participants in this edition of the tournament, as well as for its sports results. 

submission During the ceremony, a special accredited specialization was also presented to the Cleaning Service for the work they do in the facilities of sports center. The award was collected by Vicenta Frias, Neyde Ferreira, Marisol Loayza, Maria Jesus Toledo and Sara Hernandez, from the Service. Pablo Martín Aguado, director of Student Services, highlighted "the daily and exemplary work " of all the professionals who make up the Service, and thanked them, on behalf of all the University's athletes, "for their dedication and professionalism, patience and perseverance in caring for one of the most difficult buildings to keep clean and tidy". A special accredited specialization was also awarded to Tomás Gómez-Acebo, former Alumni Vice President , "for his unconditional support for sports at the University of Navarra and for having always been available for everything we have done for him order from Sports Service".

The workshop ended with a lecture to position by Elena Hualde, engineer and professional golfer. In her speech Elena highlighted the great benefits, not without a lot of sacrifice, that the intense dedication to golf while studying engineering has brought her. 

Awardees at the University Sports Gala 2023

→ Sergio Acuña Arraya, squash. Business Administration

→ Enrique Alonso Crespo, golf. Law

→ Unai Arizaga Zuazu, boxing. Industrial Organization Engineering

→ Naiara Arteta Gutiérrez, basketball. Medicine

→ Karla Cristina Benítez Galarraga, soccer. design

→ Koxme Burutarán Olaizola, remo. Industrial Technologies Engineering

→ Miguel Caireta Serra, soccer. Journalism 

→ Regina degree program Bollero, soccer. design

→ Enrique Casado de Ávila, tennis. Business Administration and Law

→ Rodrigo Cires Orbe, soccer. Business Administration

→ Ingrid Escuer Prims, karate. Biochemistry

→ Lucía Garrido Astarriaga, soccer conference room. Magisterio Education Primary

→ Mikel Gogorza Fonseca, golf. Business Administration and Law

→ Sergio Ibiricu Martínez, soccer. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

→ Leyre Martinez Lloret, judo. Chemistry

→ Claudia Martínez Rebollo, triathlon. Industrial engineering

→ Jaime Matesanz Larrañaga, golf. Engineering at design Industrial and design of products.

→ Joseph Alexander Moss Bakker, squash. Architecture

→ Yarima Miranda Ilundáin, soccer conference room. History

→ Ainhoa Oficialdegui Pardal, basketball. Nursing

→ Marcos Olcoz Blanco, soccer. Nursing

→ Leyre Oteiza Álvarez, volleyball. Medicine

→ Iker Oyarzábal Albás, figure skating on ice. Industrial Technologies Engineering

→ Lourdes Pérez Fernández, golf. Law

→ Daniel Pinto Holguín, chess. Business Administration

→ María Prat Gil, handball. Nursing

→ Ana Razquin Gómara, handball. Nursing

→ Elvira de Ribot Iriso, golf. International Office and Law.

→ Alejandra Rubio Simón, basketball. Bilingual Business Administration 

→ Aroa Sanz San Martín, figure skating on ice. Nursing

→ Miguel Ángel Sosa Matos, golf. Architecture

→ María Testaut Asenjo, soccer. Teacher of Education Children's

→ Elene Viles Odriozola, soccer. Industrial Technologies Engineering

→ Javier Zuazu Ilundáin, soccer. Business Administration